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The Punjab Kitchen Gurgaon

Gurgaon has an overwhelming floating population with hundreds of people living away from home to work here. The Punjab Kitchen is serving lip smacking home style food. The packaging is quite good and as the name suggests, it does remind me of Punjab.

TPK, as it is mostly called, is akin to FoodVook and Yumist but has far better value and taste. I ordered food on a Friday, a non-veg simple thali, which had mutton, rice, eggs, and paranthas. The order was delivered well on time and packaged quite well. The food was hot and fresh.

Non-Vegetarians have to keep in mind that the Thali is not usually available on Tuesdays and Saturdays. So you should check before ordering. The food is simply awesome and they keep coming up with some discount schemes or promotions so definitely check up on that. 


I liked the mutton and the portions were quite good. In sweets, they added chocolate nutties which were a pleasant surprise. 

I asked the owner, Ekta about her concept and vision for this venture and she emailed me a response,

"With Gurgaon becoming the center of corporate India, there is a great influx of office workers from all over the country. Despite its cosmopolitan reputation, with its choice of lunch and dinner options, where most are produced in masse in commercial kitchens, the city has a shortage of options for good, nourishing home cooked food. This is where TPK aka The Punjab Kitchen comes in. All of TPK’s lunches and dinners are actually cooked at home with fresh ingredients, in small batches by a smaller team of people who truly love cooking, and delivered to your doorstep, as if personally by your mother! As with all home cooking, TPK’s meals are cooked with the purpose of feeding and pleasing a family, a large one in this case”

Indeed for so many of us living outside home, TPK is a great alternative for a fulfilling meal. It also offers beverage options like cold coffee and lassi in cool glass bottles which keep the beverages fresh and tasty.

If anyone wishes to order from this place, they can check out the website
The Punjab Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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