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Food O Gram - Gurgaon

If you are looking for a delivery only or takeaway place in Gurgaon, especially around the DLF area, Food O Gram is a good option. I have been meaning to try it for some time now. 

So yesterday, we ordered from this place and in one word I can say the food was awesome. Delivery was prompt and packing very good. The food was warm and fresh. While ordering delivery I am always concerned about the tandoori rotis and other breads which if get cold, are difficult to heat while retaining their flavor. But from Foodogram I had no problem. They had packed it in a away that the breads were warm and good when they arrived.

I ordered Dunali Kebab, Butter Chicken, Mutton Seekh Kebab masala, Degi Mirch Parantha, Lehsuni naan and butter naan. In vegetarian also ordered the Chilly Paneer

The Dunali Kebab is a must try. Basically its half mutton and half chicken seekh kebabs. Like the best of both the worlds.

Chilly Cheese had the right fried taste which is heavenly. Mutton Seekh Kebab Masala was a rare opportunity for me to relish some mutton. I am not a huge mutton fan, preferring white meat over red. But this dish simply wowed me. Basically, the chefs tossed your traditional mutton seekh kebabs into a delicious masala gravy to make a wonderful dish. But its not as spicy as mutton dishes usually are. The Butter Chicken is good too and the portion size very generous. The chicken was thoroughly cooked and you can see the pics as well.

Hoping that they open up a full-fledged eatery with wonderful ambiance to enjoy their delicious food and warm hospitality.

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