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Yeti - The Himalayan Kitchen - Hauz Khaz Village, Delhi

The Himalayas are one of the largest mountain ranges in the World. They span across India, Nepal, and Bhutan. What unites the massive Himalayas apart from their topography is the food. People living in the Himalayan regions have a distinct style of cooking and preparing food. Their choice of ingredients is also unique because not much can be grown in high altitudes and wastage is to be avoided because access is limited.

Yeti brings the spirit of this special cooking alive in the heart of HKV. I had a great dining experience at this place filled with specially curated dishes from Nepal, Bhutan, India, and Tibet.


I seldom try the red velvet cheesecake as chocolates is what I am looking for. But the cheesecake here was superb. The outlet is associated with a bakery owned by the same management which makes these fresh and serve here. Yomari is basically Nutella Momos and a dish you must try. I wanted plenty of them to satiate my chocolate love and a plate was certainly not enough for me.

Sorry, I started off with the desserts, they are after all the highlight of my meals.  Coming back to the main food story. So if you are looking for food in the hills or pretty tough terrains, meat occupies a special place on the plate. The hill people are fond of meat because of nutrition and protection from the harsh weather. Meat gives them a solid strength-bestowing diet and they use different forms and means. 

Yeti is known for its meat and the non - vegetarian dishes it serves. Although the veg fare looks very appetizing and tasty if you love non-vegetarian fare, Yeti is a place you must visit. They have mastered the smallest intricacies of the Himalayan food and taken special care to reproduce the dishes as authentically as possible.

Thakkali Thali comes in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions with the protein replaced in either option.

Do try

Mutton Momos
Chicken Fry Dry 
Emma Datchi

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Unknown said…
Heard that's an amazing place and this blog tempts me to go as soon as possible!!
samjain06 said…
Heard about this place a lot.. and m going to visit it very soon.. 😍
Karan Puri said…
Looking forward to visit this place, thanks tushar.
Esha Dogra said…
Never heard about it. Thank you for sharing

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