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Prankster - Sector 29 Gurgaon Restaurant Review

Prankster has been dominating the food scene at the Sector 29 Gurgaon for some time now. I know for a fact that many people from outside Gurgaon come down specially to try the food here. It has a wide range of Indian food served with a twist. With all the modern tapering and innovation, the place has retained the Indian touch which is liked by so many of us.

Lotus Fritters

There were a number of dishes which I discovered first here. One of them being Lotus Fritters. Lotus stems were deep fried and coated with spices and made for a great dish.

Dahi Bhalle 

Is an all time favorite dish. I just wish they had added little more tamarind chutney in it.

Prankster cooks some of the best mutton dishes in town

Lunch Scenes


Chole kulche doughnut with gajar achar mousse

Chicken tikka fattir 

Fattir is an interesting concept at Prankster. It is like an open Parantha but the base reminds you of Patties served in old school bakeries.

Litchi Tandoori

The best way to eat Litchi I believe

Pav bhaji zinker

Kick ass honey chilli potatoes

TT lamb chops

Imli glazed Kung pao


I tried their rose kheer, which is heavy on rice and milk and tastes great. The rose petals instead of any essence or flavor add to the better taste of the dish.

The Jalebi Platter is a must try. It's prepared crisp and topped with a little rabri. 

Micro Brewery

The place has its own micro brewery and serves great fresh Beer. I tasted the Premium one, which from the testers put in front of me, tasted the best. 

Pineapple Therapy

Pineapple therapy is one good cocktail with both kinds of rums and  pineapple making for a sweet bitter drink

The one thing I didn't like about the place was their parking policy. It is located bang in the center of a bustling market and has a lot of parking space in front of the building. However, parking of even two wheelers is not allowed which I think is a little sad, as you should allow the same for your patrons.

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