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Made in Punjab - Cyber Hub Gurgaon

Set on the ground floor over a wide area, Made in Punjab was one of the early entrants to the Cyber Hub food lane. You cannot miss its presence, in between the famed Hard Rock Cafe and Farzi Cafe with a wide front, the signature MIP logo and burning flames (decor thing). 

Made in Punjab serves food which is unmistakably Indian and very close to authentic Punjabi food.  It gained popularity on the back of its lunch buffet which is a huge hit with the office goers at Cyber City and surrounding areas. 

My last visit was during dinner time, during which Ala carte is served and it was a fabulous experience. More so because the service is quite good and the manager kept a sharp eye on the tables.

I also had the opportunity to meet Chef Mahabir, who is behind so many of the dishes which were served. He is exceptionally talented and great with his dishes. I tried the following dishes

Popeye Paaji ki favorite chaat

Jau Mushroom Chakli

Murgh Bhatti
Fauji chowk ki chicken curry
Luxury Butter chicken
Maa ki Daal

Not to miss at MIP is the Goushala di Kulfi and Nukkad Jalebi which were pure soul food.

Made In Punjab Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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