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Of reviews on blogs

Often, on a whim, I pick some of my old and new blogs randomly and go through them to study how my content here is changing (or not). I receive a lot of feedback from friends and fellow bloggers and as truly as I can, I follow them to the spirit. Not because, they are right or something, but because it gives me a chance to reflect and think about things happening here.

Off late, a lot of content posted here is review oriented. Readers are finding it interesting and goes with the spirit of the blog to create a sense of awareness about things around us. I am also flooded with queries as to how this process works or how do I pick what to review or what not to review.

So in many cases, I like the place or hear something great about a place and visit, review all done. It is interesting? Very. Its a great experience sharing your views on a new trend or something you can connect to. 

Is is it fun? Depends on the human factor. To know more about a place, to ask questions, or to generally get an idea about the product, every company has a go to person. And most of the times, they treat you like shit, if you don't know them or a Royal if you are their best friends. Bloggers are not given due respect by marketing teams, even though everyone will say otherwise. One is looked down upon a lot and ultimately you are just another person writing a review for them. To ask them a question or inquiry will be a huge thing for them.

A friend of mine recently heard about some festival going on at Hotel Pullman AeroCity, Delhi Airport. To me, it was an inconvenient time and proposition but the friend needed an invite to go to the festival and write or whatever about it. I suggested, to call up the person responsible for the Accor group (which owns the hotel) who deals with either the media or the blogger community. If the person then agrees, can arrange an invite or not. Depending upon that my friend can either go or not. Simple idea, you would say, but the lady on the call who was the person in charge was very cold and frigid on phone. My friend very politely introduced herself and made her request. The lady very rudely disconnected the call not even answering properly. Had she politely refused, would Hotel Pullman's grace fall? no. Its the attitude of brands to look down upon on bloggers. 

Those who get the red carpet treatment and I have received the same on many occasions, we can see the disrespect, the wrinkled nose, the posture of the people, that they don't value our work. Okay fine, your words have an impact so we are tolerating you guys. That's how it is.

Or if you know them personally or better still related to them or something and they somehow like you because of friendship or relations, the brand will be at your beck and call. Your treatment would be royal. 

So is all the review thing really worth it? I say yes because I have reached that point where I am past caring. For many brands who employ such people and actually nurture this type of attitude, I feel sad. Even if someone puts in a good word for them, everyone knows how honest they are. 

Or better still, review places and products without telling or querying from anyone in the management. Your review might lack depth but chance of meeting unpleasant people would be minimized. 


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