The new vlog is here

One of the biggest challenges we should always face is how to better what we are already doing. Better our relationships, our routines or even personality.

In October this blog is going to complete 11 years on the internet and I want something special for this occasion. So I decided to compliment it with a Vlog, a YouTube Channel I have been thinking about since forever. By forever I mean even before YouTube was acquired by Google.

I think right now is a good time to establish this channel and I am working on a string of content ideas for the same. To begin with, I plan to share stories and poems I wrote in the past and even share some lines written by friends in the blogosphere. Next, I will add reviews and then depending on the feedback we will move on. Many readers have suggested to me add blogging videos as in how to blog etc. but I need more time for that.

We will keep it all in a story telling format and here are some samples for you all to lend your views on -


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