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Too Indian - Vishal Enclave - West Delhi

Too Indian at Vishal Enclave is located right opposite the TDI Mall and quite close to the Rajouri Garden Metro station. It has opened doors recently and is already gaining a lot of traction and popularity. It blends in a retail plus food concept, offering some unique products on sale along with sumptuous food.

I visited the place on a hot Saturday afternoon, to find the place bustling with people. The space is large and the seating very well arranged. The staff is very well acquainted with the food and are good at service. Here is what I ordered and how it was  -

Beverages - 

Do try the Nutella Shake  (the name says it all) - Your nutella shake is generously topped up with whipped cream, flavored confectionary, and chocolates.

The Anarkali is a mocktail which came in a tall LIIT glasses and reminded me that this place doesn;t serve liquor. Yet. But the mocktail was great.

Here is something to Taco About - I loved the presentation of this one. The tacos are rolled into cones and baked. Then filled with butter paneer.

Indo- Persian Kebab - Lamb Kebabs nicely wrapped in roomali rotis and served in a book. Yes. Little less spicy for the 'mirchi seekers'. But mild enough for me.

Painters Canvas - The dish really resembled a water color paint plate. It has five different dips for panko fried Amritsari Fish.

Chick Popcorn - One of the best starters on the menu, an ultimate snack for leisure, this is crispy fried chicken, generously topped with Chef's spice mix which made the fried chicken ' too Indian'.

Main Course

Chur Chur Naan - Flaky and crisp

Palak Paneer Ravioli - We grew up on Palak Paneer but Too Indian, packs up the cottage cheese, Ravioli Style.

Home Style Chicken Curry - Your routine chicken dish with no complaints at all.


Daulat ki Chaat - It is one dish I would definitely recommend everyone to try once. It seeks inspiration from the famous Daulat ki Chaat of Chandni Chowk Delhi and serves up a foamy creamy 'milk malai' which is as light as air.

Milk Cake Pie - A blissful slice of the favorite Indian sweet presented in a western style pie.

A good place to shop, party, eat, catch up with friends and have some great leisure time. They also have buttons to beckon the service staff at the tables. Just like they have it on air planes. Just another example to show how thoughtful the makers of the place have been in setting up a unique and interesting concept.

Too Indian Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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