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How people ruined the beautiful festival of Diwali

Its not about religion, it is about environment and life. Sitting in their diesel guzzling SUVs and Sedans, honking horns, relentlessly people type on social media and mobile about the pollution level on Diwali. They even show concern for dogs and cats while parking that huge car in a place where once there were trees.

All that is acceptable to the hypocritical Indian, and it is only on Diwali, suddenly this wave of environment love is born. For the smoke and  noise of crackers has ruined one of the most beautiful festivals of our country. The citizens are oblivious to the fact that the smoke and the sting is a sharp reminder of the fact, that how much we take our environment and nature for granted.

India has a remarkably great tolerance for environment degradation which is evident from a visit to any of our cities. You see mindless chopping of trees for that extra car, wall to wall roads for the traffic, sharp reduction in green areas so that our burgeoning population has some space to encroach upon and generally apathy to the place we live in.

Diwali was once a beautiful festival. Beautifully lit houses were a delight to watch. But now you got to lock yourself inside to prevent the massive pollution wreaking havoc to our adulterants rich fragile immune systems.

And it is not just about one day or one eve. It is happening albeit in smaller doses everyday. The government has encouraged diesel cars to a massive scale and industries are rarely incentivized to reduce pollutants during production processes. The governments become all the more helpless with social media people start associating pollution to religion.

I mean did Lord Ram alight from the Pushpak and said ' Let's pollute the environment mindlessly?"
In fact, a Ram Rajya would have kept citizens concerns above petty rockets.Burning chemicals just because you got the money and the thrill of destroying seems senseless and boring.

Add to that, the zeal of my fellow countrymen to destroy the nature, the environment, the very fabric of our living and you get one tragic story, where each character is thinking about how great they are and what good things they are doing. Especially by reproducing at a pace which will keep other countries far away from the most populous country title. That one would be ours.

We literally enjoy destruction. Like that phuljhaddi cracker on Diwali. Its called a sparkler in English I guess. People our joyous about filling lakes and ponds with rubble to build that extra tower. They are so happy to chop down jungles for another colony or a project. And their eyes gleam when they level down mountains and fell ages old Oaks for that extra parking space or another road.

No wonder then, the festival of lights, Diwali is now all smogged up. With the level of thinking and mindset of our society, the light part is clearly up in smoke or submerged in noise.

What do you think? Has the charm of Diwali faded for you? Or you think their is much more positivism around than those gifts and crackers at Diwali time?


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