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An easy way to step into investments in the share markets

Stock markets in India are buoyant these days with excellent valuations and increased foreign inflows. Add to that the increasing number of households who are chipping in with Mutual Funds through the SIP route, the total money going into the share markets is escalating month on month. This has made the markets are an interesting place to park funds with a little high risk but much better returns.

Indeed if you compare returns with FDs and real estate, the traditional investment avenues, stock exchanges are giving much better returns than equity. But many people ask me this question. How to invest in share markets? It should be simple right? More often than not, it becomes a hassle with multiple people giving you different opinions and the necessity to rely on a broker over the phone or physical meetings.

One of India’s best broking houses, Angel Broking has come up with an interesting Investment Engine for this. They call it, ARQ. It is a technology-based hyper-intelligent investment engine.  I took a demo tour of ARQ recently to find out more about intelligence based investing and how structured technology can help in informed decision making.

In simple terms, investments are usually done with emotional reasons riding our mind. That’s why we still rely on bank deposits or gold, without actually understanding the rationale behind their investment. ARQ removes that emotional bias and brings in algorithms and technology to view and compare different asset class on different parameters before taking a prudent financial decision.

ARQ is available through Angel Broking mobile app on Play Store in android and App Store in iOS. The best part I found about this engine is that it gives you scientific information before you purchase equity shares or mutual funds. It is not about forcing you to buy anything but giving you the right guidance.  This is of paramount importance, especially with people who are not well acquainted with commodity trading or share bazaar trading. It just doesn’t tell you which are the best stocks to buy but also points out why and how the stock can benefit you.

There are a number of share trading apps in the market providing varied information on stock market investments. But not all have stringent backtesting and performance evaluation. This makes ARQ stand apart from others. Also, it is convenient to use and operate which is an added advantage.


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