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Winter binge delights by Chaayos

Chaayos recently celebrated their fifth birthday and crossed the 50 outlets milestone. One of the highlights of their success is to successfully innovate their menus with changing of a season.
With the monsoon menu now retiring out, I recently went to taste their brand new winter menu.

The menu consisted of many superb items, including

Gur Wali Chai

Gur Wali Chai, is your normal tea with jaggery added instead of sugar. The consistency of tea and preparation is perfect as always.

Paneer Bhurji Bun

Paneer Bhurji Bun, reminded me of home. Cottage cheese scrambled and prepared well and spread over a bun.

Chicken Cutlet
The best way to start the meal. I had The best way to start the meal. Little spicy to my taste, but those who like spicy stuff, especially in winters this is a great snack.

Chicken Keema Loaded Open Parantha

The open paranthas are the highlight of Chaayos menu. They are crisp, tasty and base just fades back to let the toppings display their flavors. The Chicken Keema is topped up by cheese which gives a delightful, rich taste.

Kulhad Butter Chicken Kulcha  - The kulchas are the perfect bread with chili flakes sprinkled over their soft self. The Butter Chicken comes in their standard kulhads or earthen glasses. The flavor is little sweet and high on cardamom and Indian spices and goes well with the bread.

Moist Chocolate Cake - It is your standard chocolate muffin, baked a little extra and has a gooey feel to it.

Banana & Walnut Cake - The perfect winter delight, goes well with the hot tea. It's filling and rich.

Hope, when you head out to your nearest Chaayos outlet, you will check out these amazing additions. Do comment in your views and what you thought of the food.


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