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Reposting Etiquette on Instagram

With Instagram gaining all those plentiful eyeballs and high user attention, no wonder that it is becoming a medium of choice for both budding photographers and brand marketing professionals.

With your work in public domain, which is accessible to millions of users world wide, potential for abuse or misuse is natural to happen. Repost is becoming once such act of misuse widely much to chagrin of Igers who are putting in a lot of effort for their picture content.

So what is a repost?

As the name suggests if someone reposts your Insta post it is termed in as a repost.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Depends on various things. Many people are just setting up accounts based on reposts to gather top quality content (from various great Insta accounts). The idea is to build a large following with minimal efforts. This is obviously quite disturbing for those who have put in efforts on their Insta accounts. Their are many Igers who take their Insta accounts quite seriously.

It is a good idea if you see a great picture and share it with the World. It is not a routine but a spontaneous gesture to appreciate someone's work.

So what is the right Etiquette to repost on Instagram?

1.  Seek permission - It's polite and sounds right to ask the rightful owner to reproduce or redistribute their pictures. Especially if you don't know the person well. Most of the people say yes, they just like to be asked first, mainly to know that their picture is being spread around.
Even if you read the fine print in Instagram's terms of use, you will see this mentioned.

2. Give due credits - Their is no harm in giving clear and legible credits. It is quite disrespectful if you give credits in a scrawny font somewhere in a deep corner of your post.

3. Time it right - Never repost a content within 24 - 48 hours of the original post. The reason is that, then you would be impacting the engagement of the original owner in a negative way.My personal belief is that one should give at least 72 hours for a post to settle down before reposting it.

4. Don't crop or distort the picture - A person might give you consent for reposting pictures but no one likes their pictures cropped up or edited in a way it sneaks away the essence of the shot.

Bottom line - Respect work of others and people will also look up to you. Reposting is not a tool to gain instant fame but a method to show respect to others by acknowledging their work.

Note: For all those who want to follow me on Insta, my ID is Instagram.Com/TusharMangl
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