How to Stay Insulated From Annoying People

It is a fact that there are good people at work who try to help us by going out of their way or in any way they can. It constitutes the majority of the people in any workplace, and they are polite and caring as well.

But there are also people at any workplace who are precisely the opposite of the above lines. They are
inconsiderate; they are impolite, not helpful, and anything you can think of. Interestingly, the number
is less compared to the number of good people. But somehow it seems to us that they are everywhere, its because they take up more space in our mind than good people do.

Dealing with Annoying People at Work

The best way to deal with annoying people is not to get angry. This is possibly the best way if you don't get angry the annoying people lose interest in you as you are no more triggered and the more you stay calm you can act decisively when you are treated badly. This is the basic thing that one needs to remember, and around this bottom line there are some strategies:

 Stay calm it'll help you not to do anything that you'll regret later

 Easily getting mad means staying mad at that person for a longer period

 Staying calm will help eventually people who want to annoy you

 Getting angry only harms your own body

 If you get annoyed or angry easily, you become a prey

 Dreaming to take revenge is bad as you are not thinking constructively

 Getting annoyed is makes an impact on your memory, so they keep coming back

 Losing your temper makes you look bad

 Laugh about it. Trust me it pisses them off

 Move on

 Know that they are there but don't let them affect you

It is to be understood clearly that this article is not about tolerating with behaviors that annoy you.
One should take a stand against it but in a formal manner and not in the heat of the moment.
It is all about not getting annoyed easily or not giving in to what others want of you, because at the end of the day getting angry is harmful to one's self.

As Aristotle said; it's not about getting angry, it's about getting angry the right way.


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