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Are Desk Plants the new pets for people?

A large population on our Planet prefers pets for a variety of reasons. Centuries ago, we were told, people kept pets for hunting. Dogs, mostly, were preferred companions for the way they picked up scents and their steadfast loyalty. But then, animals were kept as pets for a variety of reasons in the coming times.

One of them was, of course, loneliness. Animals give a company, are more loyal than humans, more loving, and in plenty of cases, adorable. From Dogs to Parrots to Cats, several animals have been domesticated by humans over the years.

Desk Plants can't be compared to pet animals, but they are slowly taking up that same space. By desk plants here, I mean house plants, which are easily accommodated at a side table, dining table, or any other platform. Unlike outdoor plants or bushes, they are easier to care for.

They are filling in the void for humans, especially new age millennials who like to have someone around. Someone who loves back and cheers them up at the sight of them. As far as visual optics are concerned, they are weaning people off the screens just for that look and beauty. 

Brands like Nature's Kart are filling into this need with their offerings of table plants. Nature's Kart is focused on low maintenance plants as not every house planter is an avid gardener. Many people lack that green thumb or only the knowledge to grow or propagate plants on their own. Nature's Kart further adds to the aesthetics by curating handmade ceramic pots with a glazed finish. 

Like Pet Animals, Plants also covet love, nourishment, and care. They grow more, flourish more, and give a sense of pride to the owner. While some pets are costly to maintain ( sad, I know, but at times cost has deterred pet owners), house plants are cheaper and shower a similar sense of belonging. 


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