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All you need to know about Accent Walls

We want our homes and offices to be decorated special. We take up interior projects to liven up our indoors. When doing up interiors of a home, Accent walls can be a good choice to add that extra zing to the spaces.  

An accent wall can be the secret sauce to a beautifully designed room. But can any wall be turned into an accent wall? What exactly does an accent wall mean? Read on to know more about this exciting design concept.

What is an accent wall?

The accent wall is the one main wall of the room, which is decorated in a specific way. Its objective is to highlight the design persona of the room. Such walls bring life to a room and add to its charm. When you walk into a room, the one wall that catches your attention is the one you can turn into an accent wall. That's a thumb rule, of course, as you cannot turn any random wall into an accent wall. That wall is the focal point of your room and can add to the elegant appeal of the room. 


Here are some tips for designing your accent walls - 


Paper them up

Wallpapers are in vogue these days and are great for accent walls. They are easy to put up, quick on the installation and light on the wallet. They are also low maintainance and easy to clean. The markets are flooded with plenty of design options to choose from. Also, they are not permanent fixtures on the walls. 


Splash some paint

If you are looking for something permanent or long term, you can go for a coat of paint on the walls. However, for accent walls, hues which are bold are always favourable. Metallic or strip finishes with patterns can also be done for the special wall. 

Light it up

A great wall decor needs an interesting light fixture to complement it. Spotlights or picture lights can do the trick. While picking up the lights, make sure to decide whether to go for warm or soft colours for the lighting. 

Colour coordination

Contrast the colours well with the other walls of the room. When going for a paint colour for walls, always pick the colour for the accent wall at the end. The other walls can be in any colour, preferably lighter in shades like grey, beige or white colour. In this way, an accent wall in bright and bold colours will contrast wonderfully with neutral coloured walls. 


Art and Pictures 

Add something extra than wallpaper or paint to your accent wall. Pictures and Art pieces can be a great way to liven up the wall. You can play around with their designs and placements. Also, you can add shelves to add showpieces or frames on the wall. You can also bring out your creative self and showcase a photo gallery on your accent wall.

Accent walls can be an aesthetic architectural statement for your indoor spaces. They can also make a room appear bigger than its size because of the play of colours and design. If done well, they will enhance the ambience of your rooms.


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