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OMO Cafe - Soul food in earthy setting

OMO at Galleria Market in Gurgaon  with an earthy and minimalist décor serves some unique vegetarian fare with interesting ingredients sourced from various parts of India. Would definitely recommend the coffee ☕ here beans for which have been sourced from Nagaland. The service is quite good with the staff patiently explaining to you the food and its ingredients in case like me, you do not get an idea about what to order.

Minimalist interiors with wooden ceilings at Omo Galleria

Minimalist interiors with wooden ceilings at Omo Galleria

Bright Hospitality, founded by Rajan Sethi is famous for its non vegetarian fare. Across their brands, from the now closed California Boulevard, AM PM Cafe and Bar, Ikk Punjab and GT Road they have served great meat dishes (the veg is good at their outlets but meats are legendary). I was therefore surprised to hear that Rajan and his wife Deepika had now worked up a new eatery dedicated to quality vegetarian food. My curiosity led me to this beautiful OMO Cafe for dinner with family. 

The coffee beans 🫘 are from Nagaland and they brew some good and strong coffee. 

The outlet is located at DLF Galleria in DLF Phase 4 Gurgaon, vertically opposite to AMPM Cafe, which belongs to the same promoter family. I have heard a lot about curated menus for Sunday brunches at OMO which they plan by sourcing unique and fresh ingredients for their patrons. The ambience here is minimalist with lots of wood and greenery around. The kitchen and the cafe are all open, giving the patrons a sneak tease or their food being prepared. 

The ingredients and the food is not complex but the terms can be New to many folks like me. Here the staff was really helpful including Deepa and Hritanshu who not helped patiently explain the dishes but also helped with wise choices of food for the table.
Thin crust pizza
St. Louis Style paper-thin crust pizza with chunky tomato sauce, spinach and feta cheese

King Mushrooms
King Mushrooms
Served with raw mango & pepper sauce along with kaltam bread

Lentil and Leek Veloute
Lentil and Leek Veloute
2 types of lentils slow cooked & turned into a high protein smooth soup

They also serve some great lentil soup, with the grains finely grinded and totally soluble in the hot 🍲 soup.

Bean and avo tostadas
Bean and avo tostados
Guacamole and assorted beans with crispy ragi tortillas

OMO Cafe Galleria


We wanted to give the Tiramisu a try, given that their coffee tasted so good and the Ngarum Tiramisu promised some dark roast coffee in it. But it was not available and instead we tried the 'A true cheesecake', which was fantastic with a slight hint of olive oil in its base.

I would recommend this place as a great hangout for conversations. The ambience and food just encourages conversation and this is one of the eateries where you can sit for hours and just talk or eat in peace. 

Price for two people - Rs 2,000
Timings - 12 noon – 12 am


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