Sunday, September 30, 2007

Voyaging through the blogosphere-9
When i read this blog address i thot it must be having something relating to chetan bhagat's famous novel.But surprised i was to find that this blog is basically a blog to find info on technology,soft wares,tips and tricks relating to blogs.Lets chek into the stats before commenting on this blog
Blog Title - Technova
Blog url -
Blog Authors - shweta thalluri Oojwal Manglik subhash veeravalli
Genre - Information,tricks,tips
Created - July 2006
For all those tech savvy,blog crazy ppl out there this blog is a heaven.It gives you loads of information,and tips thats you can make good use of.Subhash really has put up a great effort.Am not a technocrat or sumthing so cant really assure guarantee of those tips and info but still can recomend a few of them:-
1.Blogger Tips and tricks
2.How to make your own tag cloud for your blog or website ??
3.How to market yourself infront of tourists ??
So a good blog to increase yur knowledge base.
Next on this series
the transient twilight
Till then
Happy Blogging!!!


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