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Thinking Youth

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Voyaging through the blogosphere-1

Ok The first blog i have picked up and is about to be ripped..:-) is called Thinking youth created by a bunch of authors leaded by Mr.Sam it seems.
Lets look into wat it all has to offer
First lets chek some stats
Blog Title - Thinking youth
Blog Url -
Authors - Aashi,sam,gini,kuntal and rashmi
genre - society,welfare
created - April 2007
So the title seems to be quite intresting,frankly speaking it was the title that drew my attention to this blog.The theme too is quite intresting it reads "This blog is meant to reflect the thoughts of todays youth regarding the issues which we feel plagues the world around us. It can be anything..... anything at all!"
A simple line conveys it now i peep into the posts
They have manged 8 posts uptil the formation of my report,not a very great quantity since the blog is running since april 2007 and there wasnt any post in the month of may and also with 5 authors in the block and a very relevant theme they could have manged more posts.Also i would like to point out that only 2 out of the 5 authors have actually posted,which is slighlty disappointing.
The good news however is the quantity is excellent,even in this brief amount of
posts they have covered diverse topics ranging from issues regarding child abuse to womanhood and even handicapped people.The posts child abuse and curse me i am crippled [Both written by Sam] were the best according to me.The post by aashi- What do moms want...?? Scholars in Diapers is also an excellent attempt as it manages to uncover a serious problem arising in a very light all of them were good and there is not any post which i can say was junk or was out of the context.Basically all the posts quite fit into the theme of the blog.
All in all a good read for all the people working for social welfare and also good for other netizens too,but only who are intrested in some serious and mind raking reading.An excellent job done by sam and aashi may god give them the strength
to continue this noble mission.
A piece of advice for the authors:invite more co-authors to your blogs,u are on a wonderful mission and i suppose u will need more company,secondly be as consistent as you can and thirdly keep up this great work
Next blog to be reviewed: Well... by Musical Misery at


Sam said...
hey tushar!!
thanks for such a cnie review. I agree the blog has received a step motherly treatment on the whole. A brainchild of a scattered converstaion with my friends. I do hope to take it up actively, once i'm active again on the net!!
btw, why don't you join us??
Tushar said...
Thanx for ur visit sam.since it was my first review i was doubtful of how things would turn out.
And thanx for ur invitation,though i have a similar blog but still would be glad to be a part of your movemnt
but then again due to time constraints wont be able to be too a ctive there
Thanx anyways
God bless u
Cuckoo said...
Heyy Tushar,,

I read all the posts on this series "Voyaging thru the blogosphere".. and liked it very much. Keep it up.
I have added you in my list.

Yeah, Thinking youth is a good blog to speak abt things you told. And I must thank Sam for linking my 2 posts for those posts such as "That was Indu" & "Whose gain, at what cost".

And thanks for mentioning my name in your list of recommended blogs. I am honoured.
Tushar said...
Thank you cuckoo for adding my blog in ur list
and well i like your blogs
and it was a personal recommendation to readers of my blog
Anyways am eagerly waitng to include your blogs in the voyaging series
lets hope i so it soon
thnx once again


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