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Friday, October 19, 2007

Voyaging through the blogosphere-16

Jam magazine isnt available in print in my city,still i am quite aware of its existence.Youth curry
serves the dual purpose of being a blog for the youth and a promotianal blog of the jam magazine.
Blog Url -
Blog title - Youth curry-Insight on Indian youth
Blog Author- Rashmi bansal
Genre-youth affairs
created - decemebr,2004
Youth curry is quite a informative blog as a large number of blogger population consists of young people...i think this kinda of blog will be quite a nice read for them...On the other hand though some of the posts are quite long...
3 posts i would recomnd are
1.Dress code for ca's?
2.small town syndrome [ it mentions ludhiana u c]
3.Brand bajaa
so a large quantity of posts with some very quality content in it... is next on our list
Happy blogging!!!


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