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Birthday Wishes for kriti /Welcome Susan

Its our Blog member Kriti Aka Wild Iris's Birthday Today.On behalf of everyone here at The Reader's Paradise, I would like to wish her a very very very Happy Birthday.May God bless her With everlasting happiness and everlasting supply of good books :-)
Once again,
Happy Birthday Kriti !!!

* I would like to welcome on our blog, Susan,who is a voracious reader,based in Canada.In continuing my efforts to bring in members from as diverse backgrounds as possible,i am really lucky indeed to have sent her an invite and Luckier still she accepted it.
She has her own personal blog full of books talks, named You can never have too many books.
She also blogs at two other group blogs by the name of 888 and The story reading Challenge.
Thank you ma'm for joining in,Hope you have a great time here :-)
*The last date for submitting your entries for the Best write-up competition,
has been decided for 30th July,after which we will announce the whole list of participants and then go in for polls.Please note here that once the polling starts,we wont be able to add any more entries.So please submit well within time.
Jai Sri Ram !!!


happiee buddayy kriti..!!!
god bless ya...!!
wild iris said…
thank you so much guys =)

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