Books are friends

Many people don't realize the importance of the books. They think that reading extra books is the wastage of time but they don't know that what is value of books in our life even if they are not related to us.

I myself thought the same thing but now that i have developed the habit of reading books i have felt a big change in the style of my writing. I don't need the thesaurus any more because i now know how to use one word in a place of other word.

If you find difficult find the books of your age then visit Shelfari and all your problems will be solved.

Happy reading:D


Tshhar Mangal said…
You are right Sahefa,besides good vocabulary they also gift us so much knowledge that we may wouldn't have gained from any other source.
And why only shelfari, if we have any difficulty in finding books for our age, we have this very blog ,where people are writing about there reading experiences.
Sahefa said…
i agree with you but there should be a choice for everything so that is why i gave the second choice:P

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