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Ranjit singh

Monday, May 12, 2008

History classes were always boring, but not because history itself was boring, it was because of all that crap NCERT and CBSE imposed upon us. I was blessed a bit, for i has some good history teachers and a liking for my country's past. But the mugging and cramming was hateful.
Today, i will introduce you to one of the most interesting books on Punjab's history, which empowers you with knowledge and not try to educate you like your ncert books.
On 30th April, i companied my friend, for book shopping, me the hero, always there for anyone and everyone, helping him out searching his desired books.I saw this one booklet kinda thing, Ranjit Singh it said, published by Rupa, i got interested and probed further. W.G. Osborne was the military secretary to Governor General of India, and this book is his journal, pertaining to his days in Punjab, as a guest of the king.
Age factor
13 and above can read this one, teenagers often find a mention of this topic in their textbooks.but its good for the adults too.
The book
As i wrote earlier, this is a journal, maintained by Osborne, when he was a guest Of ranjit singh. This gives us a very different picture of what we know about the Lion of Punjab as he was reffered to, and his style of ruling. This has both negative and positive aspects of him, which makes it a worthy read. You will also get an insight to what Britishers thought about Indians and Punjabis in particular. In those time, Punjab had a distinct identity then the whole of Hindustan, its seat of power being in Lahore, extending till Ludhiana. An example of this British thinking can be judged from the fact that the author refers to the Sikh holy book as The granth, whereas it should be called Guru Granth Sahib. just a difference of opinion. The book also tells you about the famous diamond Kohinoor, akalis, his style of ruling, the justice the wealth he had amassed
and status of women in his times. etc. A book i will highly recomnd to everyone.
The only problem in this book is that editing pe i have doubts. No one knows who edited this book.
Gifting ideas
95 rupees was what cost me for this 92 page book and i think its a great gift. You can gift it to anyone and everyone. Those people, fond of management and administration books, can get benefit from reading the king's managerial style. Punjabi's, historians, teenagers should also like this book. Books make great gifts, do gift a book, to someone you love.

Thought for the day
A good book on your shelf is a friend that turns its back on you and remains a friend. ~Author Unknown

Happy reading
Happy blogging


Intutius said...
Hey, u pen down the word soo well.

And the description about the book is soo good. I think I should also get one.;)
Nice post.
Pls keep writing.
Tshhar Mangal said...
Thank you Intutius
That is what our aim is,
to spread awareness regarding books.
Keep visiting :-)
ayushi said...
yep u pen down things well, i must appreciate ur concern
Tshhar Mangal said...
Thank you Ayushi
Keep visitng :-)


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