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The Bookizie Talks -1

OK, I agree its a weird name,but that's what I will be using to update the members on whats happening latest on this blog,in the books world,etc etc.Basically a newsletter kinda thing.
i will try to write short and crisp.

Point -1 Blog News
This blog was started on the evening of 5th,
now it has around 28 posts,and 23 members.
congratulations to everyone who is putting in so much effort on this.

Point -2 Authors
Enid Blyton wrote an estimated 800 books in 40 years approx,its said.isn't that simply awesome.
I sometimes cant even write a proper post [example this one]Hats off to the deceased lady.May her soul rest in peace.

Point-3 Book blogs
There is a blog called Mountain view public library blog.Its in California i guess.A good blog,to check out,though the content is of average nature.

Point-4 Members
Since its inception,if one blogger who has made the maximum effort,as a member of this blog.Its Pankhuri.Alvia agrees with it,so does Akriti. Though her creative inputs should be applauded and appreciated of,even her 6 posts were knowledge, and widely liked,it was her idea of the game knock knock,which really stole the show.
Even this newsletter thingy was her idea.This lasso from Delhi is the most talked about members of this blog.Keep up th great spirit girl.We all love you here.

POint-5 Libraries
Even Britishers did some thing great for country.They Built up a trust which manages and runs 9 British council India libraries across the country.The best thing about the library is its website
which contains loads and loads of information about the library.If you wish to join,first check out the addresses of your nearest library,and then refer to the books catalogue.This way you know what to expect from those people.You got all info in your pocket.This website is very good.
The sad thing is,there are just 9 of such wonderful libraries,and the membership is expensive,though worth it.For individuals its 1200 approx,but then for families it is 2500.
My advice would be,check out the website,if you can afford access and money do join that library.It is one of the best you will find in the country.

POint-6 Books shopping
Book shopping is fun for many,but some people just don't enjoy shopping.Sometimes we are too busy or lazy to get up and move up to the nearest bookstore.Many a times our fav author's books is not available with the local bookseller.Here is a solution,i can suggest. [They got an international link too]
ABout a year ago,they delivered some books to me.The delivery time was quick,the packing was good,and i had chosen books on which shipping was free.SO i like this site.They got a fine variety of books,they claim they got around 3 million titles.I got the best deals,at good prices.Offers,come and go,so you can browse as per your comfort.Just for writing this post,i visited the site,opened the Robert Ludlum collection.Its good,they give discounts,and tell how much time it will take for shipment.Three mistakes of life, Chetan bhagat's latest book is being sold for 71 bucks. SO its not that bad shopping on that site.
More in the next edition of the Bookizie talks

Jai Sri Ram !!!


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