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The Bookizie Talks -2

So,I am back with the latest version of the bookizie talks.Telling you all about thats happening o our paradise,and something about the book world as well.
1) Fact-o-file
Hercule Poirot is one of the most famous fictional detectives of all times.He appeared in 33 novels and 54 short stories.

2) A member to notice - Many members were quite active on the blog,this full week,wild iris,reeti,jan,alvia,pankhuri, all showed a lot of interest in various matters and postings of the blog.But a special pat on the back is deserved by our friend Ielphil Raven. I didn't knew him very well,but since the inception of this blog,our founder member friend has helped me in deciding various issues for the blog.His suggestions on a singular language for the blog,was very well received by all the members.Even when the blog was facing the worst criticism phases,he stood up for the blog,and even helped me in altering the template.His idea of assortment I am working on these days. So kudos to the top lieutenant,the co- administrator Mr. Raven.Just hope to see him discussing books as well he discusses various issues for the blog :-)

3) New initiatives - So Ielphil suggests me,assortment.His idea was that we should divide ourselves into different groups each one taking care of some aspect regarding the blog.It was just an idea,but i liked it,so I decided to dwell deep into it.We are 24 members and we can be easily grouped.So i have done some of the work,but i need suggestions,support and volunteers to perfect this are the groups i formed
1.The Blog Template - This one will take care of the template,and other aesthetic presentations of this blog.ALvia, will lead this group,Ielphil and I can assist her.Members are requested to direct their feedbacks and suggestions to Alvia.
2. The face book group administrators - In continuance with our efforts to be a reader friendly blog,and maintaining superb public relations,a separate team of members will supervise and administrate the Facebook group . Pankhuri Aggarwal and Akriti Gaur seem to me the right people to do the job. Suggestions are welcome.
3. The orkut group - These people will spearhead blog activities and publicity on orkut through our 40 membered community. Shreya Aggarwal has been entrusted the job to run the community and Alexis and roxy,jan and espera can assist her as moderators of the community.
Apart from this I want to form a advisory group for the polls that we conduct on the blog.Literature students like wild iris or reeti can help here i feel.Though i haven't talked about this with them. Please write down your suggestions, or if you want to volunteer or create a group. I feel this assortment is a good idea, we are all doing something extra for our blog.
4) A book to think about - The Guru Granth Sahib, is a holy book of scriptures.Sikhs Consider it to be the highest authority in their community.The Supreme court holds that the Book should be considered as a juristic person. Since 1708 it has been the Guru, of Sikhs,300 years later the book is still very important,and believed in.The magic it has weaved,is worth thinking about.
5)Book maintaining tips - If you are fond of collecting books,do cover up your books with transparent plastic sheets.They are easily available and they ensure that your book remains as new as ever.Also since its transparent the book cover is clearly visible.I often use the transparent plastic bags that we get after shopping for clothes.Usually shirts.

6)A thought to deliberate upon - Readers and members i would like to initiate a discussion on a famous quote by B.F.Skinner.You can write in your comments or write full posts to pen down your thoughts.
We shouldn't teach great books; we should teach a love of reading.
We will hold a poll on who writes the best post on this topic. And you may even get a prize for your hard work.[Oh that hasn't been decided yet :-)]
The polling will start only after the patrons of the blog have submitted their posts.The readers can also participate by writing on their personal blogs,and submitting their links to me.
Fair enough?Lets hope for a good response.
The Bookizie talks can also be sent to you by email.Please respond in the comments section,if you wish to be updated on whats happening on the blog and some tidbits on the book world.


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