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wELL...hey all da ppl....aamm..dis post is bout dis book OPPOSITE OF JULIE BAXBAUM(spl chk ...)...aaamm dis book PERSONALLY i didnt like...well its was her 1st book....attempt is good..but then i duunnoo somehow its alll order...she hopes from one situation to anodur....

here she talks bout EMILY ...a LAWYER..initally it starts vid her brkup news spreadin everywhere n to every1...n dn HER gettin upset n all...bcoz it was 2 yr realtion..n she brks up be4 ANDREW....the guy asks her to marry him.....n dn she is made to realize dt she is NOT READY FOR AN ANDREW by her best frnd whoz name i hv forgotten....ha ha....ya so....dn she gts her grandfadur n RUTH(GRNDPA'S NEIGHBOUR) in picture...her grnddad after her mom is da man ...relative i mean ...who meannsss a loooooot to her....idol ....n wt not....he gts in he is old now....n dn strts to forget all da things ...n is admitted in da hospi.....der is RUTH...her neighbour who guides EMILY bout all wt hppns in her life n to quite an extent EMILY follows it....
EMILY'S DAD....idiioottt basicalllyy....POLITICIAN u pretends to be wt he is not....very busy no tym fo family as EMILY kinda hates him a lot....n nva do dy share a realtion of father n daughter....n he does nt even turn up to see his dad in hospi...da old man i wrote above.....well her father turned lyk dis AFTER d death OF HIS WIFEY...EMILY'S mom....

its basicalllly her life n how she deals vid basically is bout ANDREW ...revolves rnd dt...GTTIN MORE CHARACTERS to fill PAGES....

REST UPTO U ...I HVNT READ DA WHOLE OFFFFF IT....JUST 188 PAGES N i gv up......hope u dont feel da same for her FIRST odurwise she might not write ne more.....


Tshhar Mangal said…
POint is, your first ever post
and so colorful
Majja aagaya
And the way you wrote it, in such a great fashion, i loved it.
Keep up the great work

And next time put up better pictures here :P

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