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Thursday Mumblings

hmmm.Heart is bit heavy.Awien hi.
Anywaya yesterday mom ki kitty party main ek friend ne unhe mere article pe compliment diya
and as it happens,puri kitty main rola pad gaya. hehehe
Friday, 13 June, 2008 4:57 PM
hey mr A ..or who evea u r......i guess u being tooo rude n extremely rude....tushar has still spared u....but u bttr mind wt u writing....dont u defame him n da blog nemore....u just a minor UNDERSTAND..
Yeh meri friend ne usse mail ki thi,kal bataya tha na.Jiske baare main.Such a sweet gesture of a friend.
I walk with no shoes
To feel the world beneath my feet
All bumps, cracks and crevices
Exposed to me

Though ideals which are left exposed
Between my toes all things become apparent
Lest I walk over broken glass
But exposed skin grows tough with age
Whatever I tread on will ne'er bring me pain
yeh line kahin padi thi,bahut achi lagin.
Ridhima Gupta: d article is osammmmmmm based upon truth..
Ridhima Gupta: jhakass..mazaa aa gaya padh k
Ridhima Gupta: n pic is very cutiee..lolz
Ridhima Gupta: ladki pakka khass jayegi..nest tym..give ur cell num as well
Another compliment for that article and picture

Live like thter's no tomorrow
my pain and take my sorrow
mi in the right direction

your bitterness and dejection
Face the fact if I am higher
Be a truth seeker not a liar
Be my equal and in the end
could play the role of my friend
-------END------ Shreya wrote these lines awesome na
Gauri shared this quote yesterday
"A decision is made with the brain. A commitment is made with the heart. Therefore, a commitment is much deeper and more binding than a decision. "
9.14 pm
Of all the people who sms me, a new name has been added on the list.
Its the govt of india
They write in
"SAY NO TO DRUGS .SAY YES TO LIFE." and "DRUGS IN LIFE ,SHRUGS THE LIFE" - courtesy narcotics control Bureau
Sender GOVT Of India


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