Tis tag is obviously dedicated to Tushar:-)

Heya m born on 17th june:-)...so here it goes..:)
a)Significant Events:
1.1940-World war2-operation areial.
2.1940-World War2-sinking of Rms Lancastria by the Luftwaffe.
3-1940-The 3 states of Estonia, Latvia,Lithuania fall under the occasion of the Sovient union.

b)Significant births:
1.1981- Shane Watson-Australian cricketr.
2.1988-Andrew Ogilivy..he he he..mere hee year mei r mere hee birthday vale din born huaa...;)

c)Significant deaths:
1.2007-Serena Wilson-she was a American belly dancer.

d)Significant holiday r observance:
1-Iceland's national day.
national holiday hai jiee..mere birthday vala din..yippyy..:D

 Thanx Tushar..:-)

Gauri Mathur.


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