Attentions Members!

Well Finally i m Posting After way too Long defeatin My Terrible Opponent Namely laziness :D

Nywayz Cut D Crap!

A Big Welcome 2 d New Members..Hope Yu Guyz hav A Gr8 Tym Around!:)

Well The Point 2 B Noticed is dat the Long Awaited Member Badges r fynally Ready..Lemme Explain it Better!

We Hav Created Badge Images For the Identification oF Every Individual Member of Ds Blog! We've made few sets Of Patterns such dat U Could Choose a Badge that would suit Ur Personal Blog's Template..I ve Here Listed Below the thumbnail views of d available badges..All Yu Got 2 do is 2 Comment over Ds Post regardin "Which Badge u want and Ur email id!" Tushar would Mail u D Requested badge such dat Yu Could display Dem in Ur Personal Blogs!

And additionaly we hav badges even 4 Reader's Paradise readers nd d group Blogs associated vth it! So Respective people can ask der badges too!

If hav Any doubts r queries over ds Post..Plz Comment Over!

Dats all 4 now...hope 2 catch up soon..C Ya!


Tushar Mangl


Sahefa said...

I want 2nd row right one

The Solitary Writer. said...

hey i want 2nd one in first row

the red one:)

Tshhar Mangal said...

Thanks girl :-)
Although you never made one with my fav color Sob*Sob
Nice choice.Sent.
@ Ste
Nice choice Again.Sent.

Alvia said...

@sahefa nd the solitary writer,

sure... hope tushar would hav mailed u dem ...



wats ur fav colour??:O

wase hav u mailed dem d badges?

Tshhar Mangal said...

I have written to both of them
the word sent.
What does that word mean :P

And you don't kno my fav color
So much for so being friends

Alvia said...

oopsss i frgt 2 notice dat :P

sowwiee..bolnaa vch colour?