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tsshar askd:Miss Hobbit should answer one question...
So miss Hobbit, tell us, Is The harry potter series written by J.k. Rowling getting over exaggerated publicity???
Or is it really worth all the attention it is getting,or has got in the past.

i think the harry potter book series deserves all the publicity it gets......not because its the best written book in the world but because it has made many children read books for a change.....(not me, i startd reading much before tht)......i have a friend who read harry potter because of the hype surrounding it nd then she discovered tht she actually likes she is now reading other books too......however if you ask me about the harry potter movies i would say tht ya those movies are heavily overrated....they are just lame imitations, riding on the waves of the popularity of the bottomline.....harry potter books arent overly publicized........

my knock is at Aashi's door ( btw hi....long time...)......according to you who are 5 of the hottest hunks in hollywood or bollywood?????......the reason also is necessary........


Tshhar Mangal said…
Pata nai, I think they are over hyped.
Then I feel, i enjoyed reading all those harry books.

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