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..a need for help..!!

A very good friend of mine is protesting against the same..
I really wanted to share *the truth of life* with all of you and ill request if anyone wishes to help..the details are down the post..thanks..!!

There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls and one such night was Monday when Kali, an eight year old female Indian Street Dog was brutally robbed off her life at JNU Campus, New Delhi

Kali never knew any comforts because eight years ago she was born and raised on the unforgiving streets by a doting mother called Leela that gave birth to her in the bushy interiors near Kaveri Hostel on JNU Campus. They suffered the cold of the winter and the heat of the summer and had little to eat but yet they were happy. Little Kali would often be bullied and stoned by the rogue and rowdy boys of Kaveri hostel yet she never complained and would quickly forget her bruises and tormentors to go foraging with Leela to the nearest dumpster.

Years went by and life was sailing through until a few Naga boys moved into the Kaveri Hostel, an event that would plague Kali's life forever.

The Naga boys had a blatant disregard towards both Kali and Leela and awaited an opportune moment to slice and stew them both for a licentious feast of dog-meat. Thus in the fall of 2006 they executed their intentions by lynching Leela who was an ageing bitch. Leela was ambushed and assaulted till she succumbed to her mortal injuries, the Naga boys were all set to exploit their culinary interests from her carcass but had to abruptly abort as their butchery began to draw crowds. Fearing uproar, a cover up act ensued jointly authored by the Hostel management and the Naga folks.

To silence all eloquence they posthumously labeled Leela falsely as an aggressive dog and justified the gruesome slaughter, hours later Leela's corpse was shoved into a sac and placed near the same dumpster where she and Kali used to go and forage, Kali sat orphaned next to her mother's mutilated corpse until Vatavaran an NGO took the carrion away.

History repeated itself on July 8, 2008 when in the wee hours of the morning i.e. 2 a.m. Yoronso, a notorious Naga man pursuing his Ph.D form JNU's School Of Social Science, (Centre for Political Studies) and occupant of Room # 248 Kaveri Hostel invited over two of his friends who spotted Kali sitting near the staircase and instantaneously developed a longing to consume her flesh. To hatch their heinous scheme they lured Kali with a Parle G biscuit to Yoronso's room (Room # 248) and once inside they bolted the room from within, Yoronso then fed Kali some rice that he had gotten from the hostel mess downstairs and once Kali was done having it, he wrapped around Kali's snout two torn "Duppattas". Kali unsuspecting of the crimes that were to take place was busy thanking Yoronso and his friends for that Parle G biscuit and rice dish they let her have but suddenly Yoronso began to bludgeon her with a cricket bat and soon his friends joined in with a curtain rods.
This battering prolonged for almost an hour and when Kali was sufficiently dazed owing to the relentless beating then Yoronso plunged his knife into her and began to sever her while she was still alive, kicking and writhing in agonizing pain and continuing to breathe in ragged gasps as she kept blinking slowly.

Next 20 minutes Yoronso mercilessly dismembered her limb after limb while she still kept alive and mortifyingly watched the horrors and butchery being performed on her. Yoronso's friend then brought a brick and began to smash Kali's skull with that and resultantly Kali succumbed.

The commotion of this sordid crime was enough to shatter the peace of the hostel sending students and wardens scurrying towards the scene of crime. Yoronso and his accomplices were caught red-handed and the bystanders were nauseated to witness the degree of cruelty involved. Some of the students were so overwhelmed to see that enormous pool of blood and Kali's maimed body that they called the Police but the Hostel Wardens were quick to dissuade them and staged another cover up by destroying the evidence i.e. Kali's corpse, murder weapons etc. The Police did arrive but as expected conducted their hallmark slipshod investigations and made no attempt to nab the culprits or secure the prima facie evidence

With the apparent laxity of Police and Wardens the matter would have easily died down had one student not called up Mrs Maneka Gandhi who then intervened. On learning that Mrs. Gandhi has been informed the warden casually issued a letter to Yoronso asking him to vacate his hostel accommodation. Yoronso is due to submit his Ph.D on 21st July 2008 and was already in the process of vacating his room prior to this tragic event which he perpetrated thus Warden's action can only be termed as adding insult to injury but understandably so because the Wardens at JNU are a cowardly bunch of self-serving narcissists, spineless sycophants who eschew controversy and pathetically ingratiate themselves with administrators and are normalized into silence and conformity in order to win their bid for tenure. So to expect stern action from them is mythical.

I would like to mention here that this is not an isolated incident but a periodical event which recurrently takes place on JNU Campus as demonic north-eastern boys gather amidst a beer induced bravado and haul up street dogs that are later mercilessly decimated and barbecued. Adding to our sequence of grief JNU Administration is consciously aware of these hideous acts and yet they remain inconsiderate. Ergo, I request one and all to shoot plentiful mails and call on the following numbers so that we can tighten the noose around Yoronso and bring the killers of Leela, Kali and scores of nameless victims to justice because if Yoronso and his accomplices go scot-free then tomorrow this scenario can be replayed in your neighborhood. Thanx for reading !

Please help us get justice for Kali ! So please flood the following phonelines and mailbags if you truly want Yoronso and his accomplices to be suitably punished.

Prof. Yash Pal (Chancellor)
Office # - 0112610 2430
Residence # - 01202512075

Prof. B. B. Bhattacharya (Vice-Chancellor)
Office # - 0112674 1500, 0112674 2580 (Fax)
Residence # –
0112674 1555, 01126742541(Fax)

Prof. Rajendra Prasad (Rector-I)
Office # - 0112674 2950
Residence # – 0112674 1580

Prof. Ramadhikari Kumar (Rector-II)
Office # - 01126741600
Residence # – 0112674 2574
e-mail -

Prof. R. K. Kale (Dean of Students)
Office # - 0112674
Residence # – 0112674 2671
e-mail -

Prof. H.B.Bohidar (Chief Proctor)
Office # - 0112674 1562
0112617 9032

Dean Of Yoronso's School -

Prof. Harjit Singh (Dean School of Social Sciences)
Office # - 0112674 1504
Residence # – 0112674 2859, 9811392343
e-mail -

Yoronso's Teaching Faculty -

Prof. Valerian Rodrigues ( Professor at School of Social Sciences, Centre for Political Studies)
Phone # - 0112671 7241
e-mail -

Prof. Balveer Arora (Professor at School of Social Sciences, Centre for Political Studies)
Phone # - 01126140810
e-mail -

Prof. Zoya Hasan (Professor at School of Social Sciences, Centre for Political Studies)
Phone # - 0112610 7045
e-mail -

Prof. Rakesh Gupta (Professor at School of Social Sciences, Centre for Political Studies)
Phone # - 0112619 3011
Phone # - 011 26711770
e-mail -

Prof. Sudha Pai (Professor at School of Social Sciences, Centre for Political Studies)
Phone # - 0112610 4436
e-mail -

Prof. Gurpreet Mahajan (Professor at School of Social Sciences, Centre for Political Studies)
Phone # - 0112625 5388
e-mail -

Prof. Gopal Guru (Professor at School of Social Sciences, Centre for Political Studies)
Phone # - 01126172264
e-mail - gopalguru2001@yahoo.con

Prof. Pralaya Kanungo (Professor at School of Social Sciences, Centre for Political Studies)
Phone # - 01125073136
e-mail -

Prof. Vidhu Verma (Professor at School of Social Sciences, Centre for Political Studies)
Phone # - 01126175651
9811368565e-mail -

Dr. Shefali Jha (Assoc. Professor at School of Social Sciences, Centre for Political Studies)
Phone # - 0112617 7710

Dr. Manindra Nath Thakur (Assoc. Professor at School of Social Sciences, Centre for Political Studies)
Phone # - 01126741495 9968406430
e-mail –

Dr. Asha Sarangi (School of Social Sciences, Centre for Political Studies)
Phone # - 01165437653
e-mail -

Jit Singh Dy. Registrar (SC/ST Cell)
Office # - 0112674 7607
Residence # – 0112616 3441
e-mail –

Mrs. Poonam S. Kudaisiya (Public Relations Officer JNU)
Office # - 0112674 2601
Residence # – 9810692081
e-mail -


Naresh Kadyan said…
I have asked the warden & Ms. Sonia Ghosh about the postmortum of the dead body but warden replied that they have handed over body to the MCD, Police not yet lodged FIR i this matter then PFA HARYANA advised to the complainant to move under 156 (3) legal provisions under CrPC in the court of Elaka Magistrate.
Shanti said…
I cant imagine how can someone behave in such a inhumane manner. I have mailed to all the people you have mentioned demanding for action to be taken against Yoronso and his friends. Hope Yoronso gets suitably punished soon.
outflow said…
guys we really need help.........the online petition we are doing is slowing down and we really need a alot of help if u guy could forward this link to everyone u know n ask thm to do the same itll be a greeat help!!!
Amit Srivastava said…
I am working on the issue. Have taken up it in 4000 strong JNU orkut community, please provide me more fact on this issue.

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