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Rampant Corruption in India-who is responsible?

An obnoxious hindrance en route to India’s economic development is Corruption. It’s indeed disappointing to witness this monstrous practice all over the country for which, the country’s retarded progress bears the brunt. Indian Citizens’ incredulous attitude to culpability and annoying recriminations have severely retarded the country’s economic growth over the years. Any strong building must have a well-built foundation and likewise, for every process to prosper, things must be hassle-free at the grass-root level. The latter is what is alarming, and the citizens have, at the grass root level, been very supportive of this devil ‘Corruption’ ever since its unfortunate inception. When I say grass root level, I really mean and it starts right from a child’s admission to nursery school where parents are forced to shell out a lump some under a dignified term ‘donation’. To see a middle class population donate money to financially rich convent schools should be an indication of a very high standard of living prevailing in the country, but do the Indian middle class really lead a luxurious life ? The instigation that sets up at nursery continues and intensifies when the student takes up a professional course at an age, he/she should be exercising franchise to decide the country’s political prospects. Another atrocious act of corruption rampant is the unpleasant relationship most citizens, in the form of motorists, share with the traffic policemen. The former seldom comply with the rules and regulations and the latest, overrule of the ‘compulsory wear of helmet’ has made traffic policemen work over-time for their perks. This situation is much worse in Regional Transport Offices where citizens, over the years, have been encouraging this offense thereby making bribery, a customary practice.

What citizens basically lack is
moral discipline to conform to guidelines, and instead, they carry out horrendous acts as alternatives, unaware of the deadly repercussion. Corruption reaches its zenith at the time of elections when the electorates, especially in rural areas are wooed by the MLAs and MPs in waiting, to vote in favor of them. The Election Commissioners, also in a way, citizens, turn mere spectators on most occasions, failing to unshackle this illegitimate transfer of money and their credibility is certainly questionable. The sitting MLAs and MPs turn the tables on citizens after assuming office and the latter are forced to be at the mercy of the former for the provision of basic amenities. The crux of the above statement is the citizens’ reprehensible exercise of the Universal Adult Franchise, thanks to their indefinite greed for money unaware of the fact that politicians are craving for more monetary gains when power fall into their hands. Here, the gaffe on the part of indulgent citizens, is twofold – apart from accepting bribe, they promote the same at the highest level. Five years hence, the politicians’ atrocities move into oblivion in the eyes of the electorate and the process continues to be a vicious circle. Though corruption is perceived by officials in almost all fields, the root-cause for its conspicuous perpetuity has been the country's own citizens. Categorically, the youth of today, lenient toward corruption, thereby become the Police officers, Councillors, MLAs and MPs of tomorrow. Indulgence in corruption despite knowing the recklessness is like hitting one’s forehead at cornerstone, sighted miles ahead of approach. The next generation of well-disciplined citizens holding moral values is the forlorn hope for a developed India.
Let's strive to work towards this dream... Jai Hind!!!!

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