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The Story of My Musings -why its being

"I was watching this movie, and a feeling came from inside,that i should shut down this blog.We can form several interpretations of this but thats the truth."
I gave this reason to Pankhuri,as she pestered me, why are you deleting your blog? Is it for those third rate people who insulted you?
Now i am going to explain in detail, the real story... Why i have to kill this something so close to my heart.
First let me switch on the songs from film vishwatma.
Saat samundar paar...LOvely song...ANyways...
This blog was a sacred place you can say.This blog has given me so much.Gave me the confidence to send my articles to newspapers. 2 out of 3 times they published them.With colored pictures.
And other so many things...
But then these people come and defame the honor of a a man, who has nothing else to value as honor or dignity.I have no attachments for materialism or love or friendships.I have seen loads of pains and suffering. Once i remember, i had to hurry up and reach to my massi's funeral,it was the first time i would be attending a funeral,and i reach there and they all are waiting for me.After a grueling 6 hours journey,i am told to carry woods and keep them on the dead body.The sheer thought, trembles me at times.I was 17 then.My massi was more then 30 years elder to me.
SO such insults, like Nidhi did,really didn't bother me much, except the fact that so much misunderstandings were being created for wrong reasons.TIme waste was another factor,that bothered me.Still chalo,ladki hai,hogayi hyper, dhamki bhi de dedi,ek na chalta hai...
Maine isse bahut worse time dekha hai.Itna worse jo socha bhi na jaa sake.Hua yeh, ki ladki ne kaha ki you are a coward and blah blah....If nidhi wants a fight, de do usse...Ladki khush rehni chahiye.
Inside i knew what all was happening.When will Nidhi react, and how she will...uska character sketch pura ka pura mere mind pe tha.Yeh usne tiredness ki wajeh se kiya,yeh action she did because she felt angered and i had her psychoanalysis revolving around in my brain.
But the death of this blog was sparked my Kriti's cold reactions.You see, yeh bhi psychology ka ek major conclusion hai.If you get high marks in boards you are more prone to fly high in air.People crown you as a queen or a king.ANd kriti ka bhi yehi problem hai.She flies high,not because of her knowledge but because of her education.
Main jab uske reply ka answer kar raha tha,i remember,there was no light,no fan,humid weather.Still,i got senti.Emotional,[when your clothes are drenched with sweat,that seldom happens].These people have so many grudges against me,this hurt me a bit.Maine wahan pe likha,if you read...That she should end it happily.I mean,how difficult it is to end all this happily.She never replied.
And i lost a bit of my sleep.SHe spitted on the face of my musings.I never cared for victory or defeat.I knew, i was right, and My God will see to my actions.Those who were real cowards ran away,but what I lost, is too much for me to bear.These people made fun of my honor,my dignity,my religion and ran away. Especially Nidhi.
I often wondered why Howard Roark or John Galt never indulged in too much social activities,the could have carried on their tasks in public glare too.Now i have got the reason.Just see, whats happening here.A girl called Vasudha, comes to suggest me, my analysis on human whatever is wrong. But the language Bharat uses, is not her matter.She isn't his nanny she told me.Look at Nidhi,I the right person here, asks her to be friends, and even says sorry.She never even bothers to reply.Look at kriti, the so many schemes, against me, without even me noticing them.Or this is what she believes.KOi insaniyat,koi humanity bachi hai yahan???
You publish someone's email, a whole platoon of people march against you.One person Insult's other's religion, all they care is that they aren't involved.Or that they were not online that day.
One day,i wish, when these people will be in desperate for their God,and that day will surely come,they will pray to him,asking help,then they should remember that there was a time when they were accomplice to someone else's God's Insult.Thats another matter that they will evade shame even then,but they will remember my words.
I will Pray to God, If he wishes to deliver justice, then may none of those people,who made tamasha of my honor,my religion, may none of their souls ever get peace.I don't want or like to speak ill for others, but today I want to.May their souls never never get peace.There dignity and self respect be broken even worser then mine was,their souls tortured beyond limits. If me, Oh Lord, ever ever did a noble job in this birth, this is a justice i ask humbly for.If anyone ever loved this blog, then for the love of it, say the same prayers to your God.
So this is the answer to the question my dear friends, why my musings,is now over.
People impure,and harsh came here, caused injuries and worse of all spitted on it and ran away like cowards.
As a brave man, i fought,
As a man of God, i still extended my hands filled with love,
As a man of honor, now its my duty to close this blog, and move on.
I also wish to leave my other blogs, but i have some responsibility for them.


sheetal said…
hey tushar i hv no right to stop u from wat u want to do but really um gonna miss this badly........
somalee said…
luk tushkie..i have complete ryt 2 stop u...agar tune musings delete ki to mei wahi ludhiana ake tera murder kar dungi..okie??dis is mie ultimate plan..
dekh yeh jo world h na ismei bad people bi milenge n good bi,but u cant spoil ur lyf becoz of nybdy!!
tere frndz tere saath hamesha the aur hamesha rahenge...
aur agar apni lyf pyaari h toh..,mie musings delete ni hona chahiye..
got it!!
яノςんム said…
hey i dont exactly know what is going on.. but all i can say is after all ur hard work and dedication (though i juz came across it yday), and the way ur comments read, what ever may the reason be, u should not quit ur musings becoz as somalee said, ache log hain to bure bhi hain, but kisi ki wajeh se apne 9as u only framed it0 religion ko chhodna is ditching with oneself. rather i say u shud get down with more enthu and zeal to show them ur reaction back.. stand back and fight..
Tushar Mangl said…
Thank you so very much.Your words touched deep down the heart :-)

Well,life has no value,my dear friend...But ok,my musings wont be deleted.But it wont be updated either.

Thank you for visiting my musings.
As i wrote there, i fought back well, and the fight is long over,its the aftermath, when i sat back to reflect what really happened,that motivated my decision
Thanks again :-)

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