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Kashmir and some intellectual blabber

'Kashmir'- the heaven on earth. 'kashmir'- the breeding ground of terrorists. 'Kashmir'-an issue that never goes out of fashion. 'Kashmir'- a subject for pseudo intellectuals to blabber their way to fame. So much for a state which is called as the jewel in the crown of India.

What made me write this was a comment that renowned Indian writer Arundathi Roy made yesterday-"Kashmir needs freedom from India". She was speaking at a rally organised yesterday in Kashmir to push for the state's freedom. This preposterous comment, coming from a well-known Indian can affect India negatively in the world stage. I just can't understand what she thinks of herself. Messiah? or an one member world body who tells nations what they should do? Other than winning the booker prize for a load of crap, what are her credentials to speak about such a contentious issue of national importance? This latest talk-fest from her boneless tongue only re-affirms the fact that she wants to be in the limelight by hook or crook.

She's known to make such baseless and sometimes completely stupid comments. A case in point is the agitation of tribals that happened in 'Muthanga' in Kerala some years back. Some of the demands of the tribals were justifiable. But the way they chose to protest, by the cruel killing of an innocent policeman, was shocking. And expectedly, there was a severe backlash from the police. And does anybody remember what Ms.Roy commented on that petty agitation of tribals? "This reminds me of Jallianwala Bagh". Laughable, to say the least. Condemnable, on a serious note. Comparing such unjust agitations to a symbol of our national struggle proved her intellectual depth. She has made it a point to make such comments whenever she goes off the media radar. She can be classified among those kind of people who make remarks which are so different from public opinion that they hog the headlines. This is just a cheap way to gain publicity by these people who are not able to shine as expected in their own selected field.

Coming to the Kashmir issue, does any of these celebrated neo-intellectuals know what actually is happening in Kashmir? Or have they given it a thought to what actually will happen once Kahmir is granted independence? I guess few of these barking dogs know that Kashmir is given special consideration by India under article 370 of Indian constitution(source:wikipedia). Except for laws related to defence, no other law passed by the Indian parliament has validity in Kashmir until the state government also passes it. Kashmir is the only state having its own flag. Its the only state in India over which the supreme court doesn't have jurisdiction. The Amarnath temple issue has resulted in some separatist forces coming up with a renewed call of freedom for Kashmir. And people like Ms.Roy has blindly joined them, little knowing that those behind this conspiracy are the Pakistani terrorists and ISI. They raise voices of protests and tell whatever that comes to their tongue, little knowing that the freedom of expression that they are misusing would've been a scarce commodity had the same Kashmir been in Pakistan.

There are two options for Kashmir according to these evangelists of peace. One is for it to be an independent state and another is for it to join Pakistan. By the 1st option, the state will perish in no time, being situated in a volatile region surrounded by China, India and Pakistan. The so-called leaders of Kashmir can never stand up against such a situation. Less said about the second option, the better. Pakistan's political instability will guarantee a swift destruction of the newly acquired region. Another issue that comes up along with this are the pointless allegations that are made against the Indian army. They risk their own lives and guard us against enemies. But when they kill some terrorist, human rights groups crop up from everywhere questioning their actions. Its easy to blame the army and be a champion for the human cause in the eyes of others. But, before blaming they should spend atleast one day in the shoes of these brave soldiers.

PS-Arundathi Roy's closing comments were "India needs azadi from Kashmir as much as Kashmir needs azadi from India.” Is she really an Indian? Or is she playing a hero for the sake of world media? Whatever be the case, this is taking the idea of freedom of expression to a new low. Shame on u , ROY.



Si_Lee said…
@praveen ... I dont think Pakistan plays a major role there and even you are not very well informed my dear.. Please read the article I put up on kashmir if you really want to know what happened ... I can guarantee its veracity to be 100%
and as far as Mrs. Roy goes .. well she has to compensate for her insignificance
Sushant said…
>> "as far as Mrs. Roy goes .. well she has to compensate for her insignificance".... haha.. well said!!

She has to come into the limelight somewhere after all an activist like her can not afford to keep quiet in a situtation like this! the only problem is that she doesn't like to do her home work! :D

give up Kashmir it seems... the pakistanis want it only becoz we got there first!.. ha
Si_Lee said…
@sushant ..
he he I can be brazen faced sometimes ..
but i still think its got more to do with the people in kashmir itself than pakistan ..
btw .. investment banking ?? frnt office or back office operations ? and which one ?
கணேஷ் said…
I could not find the any reference of Ms.Roy's speech any where in the net.
It will be appreciated if somebody provides the details
Praveen said…
yes, agreed am not well-informed on the issue. But the role of pakistan cannot be ruled out. isn't it a well known fact that most of the atrocities happening in the valley are sponsored by them?

and yeah, I read your article. and more than half of it was new info for me..thanks

just go to the times of india website. I saw it there
Si_Lee said…
@ what atrocities in the valley ???
he he dude atrocities all over india by the so called terrorists ...
My man is from the place
I miss him so much

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