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New Year Message – 2007 by Pujya Pitaji Maharaj

On the auspicious eve of the New Year-2007, I wholeheartedly congratulate each one of you. Let Lord Rama’s Canopy of Grace always cover all of you! Let the Spiritual Master himself guide you on your Spiritual Path!

Let the recitation of the Holy Name become the cardinal quality of your life. The easiest and the surest pathway of God-realization is the purgation or purification of Mind and Heart. A person whose heart is holy & pure, his conduct and thought tend to become pure and noble. Jaap (repetition of the Holy Word) after sweeping off our internal darkness, makes our heart pure and transparent. As we accord importance to Naam (Holy Name), Jaap (repetition of the Holy Word) and Satsang( Congregation) in our life,paths of spiral progress and spiritual development open up of their own. As our Love and Faith in God increases, our faith in Jaap and Simran becomes stronger and stronger.

The devotees who are alive to their spiritual goal or progress, God Himself showeth the path to them. Look into yourselves. If your mental-weaknesses, anger, worries and fears are decreasing, if your doubts are resolving of their own, & if the quality of fearlessness is increasing; consider that you are marching on the path of spiritual progress. Only a peaceful heart can attain the Divine Light. Let God be helpful in your spiritual devotion and dedication! Let your life be successful and spiritually awake!

“Deep Devotion, deep Love and firm Faith in Sri Ram,
Recitation & reiteration of the Holy Name
are the quintessence of True Worship”

Let the New Year-2007 be a Harbinger of Well-being!
Let the Grace of thy Master (Guru) and Lord Rama continue to wrap you up!

Your Well-wisher


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