SO called benifits of the Nuclear Deal

۩ सर्व शकितमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय नमः۩
On JUly,25th 2008 A full page colored advertisement was published in the Hindustan times
high lighting the bravery of Samajwadi party leaders.
If anyone can please inform me how come these people can afford such expensive advertisements to praise their own party president and general secretary please the comment in the comment box.
Anyways coming to the point.They wrote there in the advt the benefits of the nuclear deal which are very misleading.Hence this post.
Here we go
*Every Home will get electricity
Now, if we generate the nuclear energy to its full capacity and i mean full or maximum capacity In India by the year 2020 , the nuclear energy will account for less then 6% of our energy needs.
*Our dependence on crude oil will reduce greatly and thus the cost of transportation and everything else.
India imports most of its crude oil requirement.But nuclear fuels aren't grown in agricultural fields either.They too have to be imported from a small cartel of countries.SO this statement is something like, i say i don't want to be bitten by a eagle but a vulture.
*Inflation can be curbed
Probably they meant that when the deal is done perhaps then the prime minister will wake up to inflation problems.ANyways to create a nuclear plant u need to spend crores of rupees.A hydro power project generates electricity at less then 30 paise per unit.A nuclear power plant will generate at an estimated cost of 15 rupees per unit if we produce it at today's rate.
*India is a growing nation and needs constant supply of energy in different forms,with this deal India can be energy independent.
DOes India has shortfall of only 6% of energy?Why is not the govt serious about other renewable sources of energy which can fulfill more then 50% of our energy needs?
*International Sanctions against us will be lifted and India will be again be seen as a sovereign power.
INdia is always seen as a sovereign power.And when United states will have influence on our nuclear policies, has our sovereignty enhanced or depleted???
Jai SHri Ram!!!


Rushabhh Gandhi said…
OMG..... Thanks bro for The Details... never knew so much about it....

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