some of mie beliefs...

i have always been quite confused reagarding mie feelings 4 existence of God...i knew dre was a superpower..but still i thought god is within where else should I search him!!
den over d years i grew up n mie n mie family's life changed a lot...becoz of mie dad's health...
it was lyk a new world 4 me where i have so many responsibilties overburdening me n i used 2 b so upset n always used 2 ask mum now where is her God..???
is he actually dre or not!!
mie mum den made me realized of his existence by her words...dat mie dad is there with us..jaise bi unki health hai..but atleast hez wid us...!!d head of our family..!!n its just because of blessings of God...
over d years now mie mindset is totally changed n mie beliefs r quite strong 4 mie God..i go 2 temple daily n pray,thinking sometime hel listen 2 mie prayers,sometime hel see mie tears..!!
m waiting 4 dat moment..!!n hel do some magic n mie dad will b totally fyn..!!

m not a writer n actually m very bad a t writing but still i wanted 2 express mie feelings 4 mie God.


Anonymous said…
its s sweet post dear,,:-)
i wud love to see u more ofetn on tis blog..:-)

good job!!:-)
Anonymous said…
Touched By the post
Keep writing

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