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The bookizie Talks-7

۩ सर्व शकितमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय नमः۩

1)Poll -
Your Favorite Work From Dan Brown
And the results are :-
Votes : 41

Digital Fortress 7 (17%)

Angels & Demons 18 (43%)

Deception Point 3 (7%)

The Da Vinci Code 13 (31%)
My Comments
*I voted for the first option
*I personally wont rate angels and demons as the best work of Dan brown.
*I never could make out how that book is supposed to be the prequel of The Da vinci Code.
Reader's comments and analysis Awaited.

2) The Reader's paradise best write up contest - The contest was a dud.
* Not even single entry was received,although the response to the announcement of the contest was good.
* I feel very guilty and embarrassed.I think its high time,we choose a better blog administrator.
* I also feel let down by many members who had assured full support.

3) ANother Poll -
The reader's had to chose one option among 8 given.Lets see the results.

Romance fiction - 9 (24%)

Murder/crime fiction 10 (27%)

Non-fiction 6 (16%)

Classics 4 (10%)

comic/graphic books 1 (2%)

epics 0 (0%)

Drama 2 (5%)

Satire 5 (13%)

Total Votes -37

My Comments
* I voted for Murder/crime fiction.
* Epics got zero vote.I wonder why.
*Do write in whether u liked this poll or not.
It took me a lot of time to prepare these options.

4)Blog members
* Blog Member Sheetal Madaan has been removed from the blog.

Many new members from across different regions have joined our blog.I welcome them all
and thank them for there participation.
*Phoenix tears
*Just Smile
*Undesirable No.1

*Aashi Joshi would be the new co- administrator of the blog.

5)Poll Again
Lets check which is the most popular book by Chetan Bhagat

Total votes -35

Five Point Someone - What not to do at IIT - 19 (54%)

One Night @ the Call Center 4 (11%)

The Three Mistakes of My Life 5 (14%)

None of the above/he writes crap 7 (20%)

* I cant recall which option i voted for.
* Certainly i agree Five point was a much better book then the other two
* None of the above got more votes than other two books.Thats interesting.
Someone should write a post on it.

6)Books world in the web world
Paulo Coelho's blog
Well most of us would be familiar with the very famous author's paulo coelho's blog.
* The link is very widely publicized by a blogger, Aart Hilal. I wonder why?
*The template and content of the blog are cool.
* A routine read for Paulo's Fans.Not a very great effort i feel.
Thats it for this edition of the Bookizie talks.
Keep reading
Keep Writing
Jai Shri Ram!!!


Judith said…
I'm not one much for the polls, especially when they contain selections I'm not familiar with or just plain don't like. I've read two of the three Dan Brown books and I can't pick a favorite because although I think he has good stories to tell I think he's a terrible writer! :)

I keep reading. I'll keep posting reviews. Thanks for inviting me.

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