The Indian Media And the Book world

۩ सर्व शकितमते परमात्मने श्री रामाय नमः۩

The way Indian electronic news media is growing perhaps the whole world knows about it. We have dozens of 24 hours news channels churning out breaking news one after another[which ultimately leads to a desire in the viewer's mind to break his television set.]*Sigh*

But the point i want to raise is the way these people treat books and books news.You have Astrology shows,babas and gurus and an overdose of crime news,bollywood gossips, but books,
where are the books on these channels?
There is just one show, of half an hour duration, Just books on ndtv profit, a business news channel.Though its hosted by a senior journalist,SUnil Sethi, i don't approve of it much,but then its the only show.What a shame i say.You show us celebrity gossip and crime and astrology the whole day,
but never a proper information on books.The small snippets we see, are of celebrity authors or when a celebrity is present on a book launch.Then also its all about the celebrity concerned, and seldom the book.
India happens to be a large market for books.Many books are published every month, in several languages across the nation.We have a great pool of upcoming writing talent.I feel news media should focus a bit here too.
Or At least they can learn a lesson or two from the print media.Be it any national newspaper we always expect a page a week at least in all the major papers.Even magazines, news or otherwise regularly update us on books,or information related to books.
I agree every news organization has its prerogative what to show or what not to show, and they are good judges of that, but Books and books related information for the book enthuisiasts should be covered not only for the book lovers,but for the masses to inspire them, to empower them with knowledge
Jai Shri Ram!!!


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