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The Three Mistakes Of My life

Akhilesh Last Tuesday Loaned me his copy of the latest novel by Chetan Bhagat, The 3 mistakes of my life.Wednesday Afternoon I started reading it and it was over by my evening walk time.

Genre - Fiction

Age Factor- 16 and above.

The book - Much Much better then his last book, the call centre one.The story evolves around the guy Govind Patel and his two friends ish and omi and a business plan mooted by Govind to accommodate his and his friend's future.
The book has been written for the mass audience, so ofcourse the story, the pricing all go tandem with it.Not a very high class or polished product but an ok, timepass read.
Chetan Bhagat deserves appreciation for touching on sensitive issues like Ayodhya,earthquake,
The 2002 riots but I think the liberal use of the word fuck could have been avoided.Also
I failed to understand the point that in 2000 when cellphone had just begun to gain popularity in the common homes of people, a girl from a financially and socially conservative family,has a personal phone and she is just 17.Also the idea of long sms chats. Anyway my opinion thats all.

Gifting ideas
As I wrote earlier its well priced [95 rupees only] and written for the masses.So that makes it a good

A thought to share
Books support us in our solitude and keep us from being a burden to ourselves. ~Jeremy Collier

Jai Shri Ram !!!


Blah Blah said…
even i read tht book.. its a nice read bt i liked his other books more.. gud read nonetheless... gud reviws by the way.. seem 2 b avid reader.. one of my hobbies too..

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