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In today’s world being academically weak is a curse?

This is a very often question which strikes in those students who are academically weak.

In today’s world of intellectuals and with a Tiff competition among each other weak students somewhere has lost an opportunity to get ahead. They are just dominated by intelligent sections of the society

If we analysis the ‘cons’ of being an academically weak ten its really a curse.An average student of 40%-45% stands nowhere according to the education policies of various universities.For ex if we take our own Delhi University to get into the good college a student should at least get 95%+ to get into the best known course or course of one's interest.

Getting 95%+ in 12th is obviously not a child’s play.Every student can’t have same level of intelligence or grasping power.

In the end students with average%or I should say below average stands nowhere,they end up taking admissions in correspondence or sometimes students gets so depressed that they end up taking their precious lives

There are times when seats are vacant in various institutes and people there just rudely say No to weak students,all this results in negative thought process of a children ,it results in a thought process of that only people with grey cells are respected in the society,weak people have no standing.

Sometimes, Students tend to feel so neglected n they start underestimating themselves wen they have to face such a rough n dry behavior of various institutes.And all this frustrations land up in personal lives too,parent’s taunts, their scoldings all this makes a person feels soo suffocated and it starts giving a feeling of killing oneself.

Parents too play a crucial role in all this scenario of academics.Their support to a child is a pillar.If they compare their children with other intelligent and talented children than a weak student will always feel degraded or demoralized.

They should support there children and understand their potential and they should not criticise them always for doing nil in academics.They should groom them in other best fitted fields,in which a interests of student’s lies. But all this doesn’t mean that they should become carefree towards academics,they should time time help them in there academics also,give them a doze of studying regularly not in stretch but of course in small intervals,they should not burden their children.

These days people don’t realize that everybody has a talent, some students discover that in themselves in a early stage but some can’t they need some time.People low with intellect powers basically are more talented,they have more God gifted qualities.

We are not here against intellects but we are here just emphasising that institutions should be soft in dealing with people who are weak,they should also give them an opportunity to prove themselves,they should be treated as equal, as respect full like other intellects of the society.

At the end I will rap up just by saying that there are huge group of students who are weak and feel this is a curse but I would just like to convey this have some patience and put in some hard work without taking too much pressure .And if possible communicate with parents, that there this attitude will not solve the purpose, rather its very depressing n demoralizing.

So take a chill pill and take a break from all the taunts n put in your hard work again with same enthusiasm n zeal n zest.

Life is all about ups n downs but we have to bounce higher n prove that we are very strong.:-):-).

Note:This post is originally posted by me at my personal blog Unpredictable life.


Si_Lee said…
I totally agree with every single word said here ... my mom is a principal and has been so for around 20 years now for school and college(11 & 12)... and I have always debated this with her .. alas ! that was one debate I could not win as my words could not break through the walls built by years of what she has seen and practiced...
Kartz said…
"The harder you try to bounce a ball, the higher it bounces..."

Nice post.
Webster said…
its all upon us. When the system lets the distribution of resources in an ill-manner then obviously some are not going to get opportunities..

Not that the competition is high but that a war has been created so that only powerful people get the resources
Gauri Mathur said…
oyee Sidu dost:):)
mera moma bhi teacher haii..!!!
same pinch:D:D

n thanx Kartz!:-)

n thank you 2 Webster:)

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