Innocence, no more...

I ne’er breathed ‘til I first cried;
And cry, I now; since humanity has died.
Yes, the world is dead! D-E-A-D!
Yet, I still pray for my daily bread…
D-E-A-D? Is that what you heard me squeal?
Oh yes! Isn’t it the dead who do not feel?

I am an object of your desire- amorous;
To you, I’m “raven-haired”, I’m “glamorous”!
But was that a boon? Or was that MY bane!
I unknowingly trudged the Devil’s lane…
You penetrated my innocence, for your delight!
In God-knows-how-many houses of the night.

“Godparent” has since been given a new meaning;
Something shamefully demeaning!
This “(gl)amorous one” has been grounded,
Ever since the fleur-de-lis was upon me, branded!
As I await her Ladyship to remove her famous blindfold,
I can only but feel life ebb, and cease to hold…


Dedicated to ‘innocence’ that has been torn away from the many innocents worldwide. Please… Let us join hands to stop child trafficking and abuse/pornography.

Originally posted at "Contorted Reality". Please leave your thoughts here. Thanks.


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