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A girl like me- Swati Kaushal

"A girl like me" by Swati Kaushal is a first person narration of the story of a young girl- Anisha Rai or Ani and her journey of transformation from a stubborn, aimless, young girl to a mature and understanding girl.
The story starts from the point when she arrives at Delhi airport with her mom who has to join an advertising agency as the hot- shot creative director. She has been born and raised in Minnesota- America, and now, 2 years after the demise of her father's, her mother has decided to move back to India. Anisha, who has been vivacious, sporty, intelligent- turns into a 'nothing matters' person, as she is deeply moved by her father's demise.
As the story advances, Anisha feels ignored by her mom because of her busy-ness with her job and the less time she spends with her and she turns into a rebel. And finally by the end, she understands her mom's point of view how she had to give everything up for the sake of providing her daughter with everythign she deserved.
The tale tell us how this American born girl, faces problems of culture shock and education system difference nd also othe teenage problems.
All in all, this book is a light read, and can be easily related with a normal Indian teenager.
My rating- *** n half



Mel said…
Wow. Amazing. I'll try to find this book here in the USA, do you think I can?
Take Care
Richa said…
i guess it will be available in the USA too as the author is living in the US herself..

thnx for droppin by.. :)
Mys Lyke Meeh said…
Culture shock---that's the initial reaction when you work, study and go abroad. And, you may or may not recover unless ur willing to!---

Take care, it must be a good book!

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