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LOve 2, Written by another friend

The Emptiness Is Killing Me Slowly As I Wipe The Tears That Fall From My Eyes,I Realize You're Really Gone.My Heart Breaks As It Crumbles To The Floor,I Drop To My Knees UnAware Of What To Do.

I Close My Eyes And Picture You,I See Your Face,Your Smile.I Feel Your Arms Around Me Holding Me Tightly,So Tightly I Can't breath,I Gasp For Air. All Alone, Scared....Thats How I Feel Without You Near!!!

I Know That Time Can Never Change The LoVe I Have For You...Except Too Make It Deeper Still With Everything We Do..

In All My Dreams Of Coming Years, You Play Yhe Greatest Part,For I Know That Time Will Never Change The LOvE WithIn My Heart..

Never Thought That iLL Miss You This Much...Never Thought You'll Be Gone Forever...You Left So Many Things Behind And They'll Never Be compLeTed WithOut You ,But I will Always Love You Till The Death =(

♥♥ Apne Aagaaz Se Aaaj tak Zindagi,Teri Hi Yaad Main Gum Rahi... Phir Bhi Jaane Kyon Yeh Ehsaas Hai, Jaise Chaahat Meri Kam Rahi ♥♥


Gauri Mathur said…
Thers a Surprise for you on my blog:)!

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