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Such a Waste!

The biggest disease that this planet suffers from is religion. Soft!.. I’m not saying that everyone should become atheists.. please worship in the way you see fit.. what I am saying is that everyone should realise that religion does not exist. What exists is one God, and religion is nothing but the different ways in which humans express their sense of faith, belief and perception of the higher power. They assume that God will look kindly upon them if they worship in a certain way. What they do not realise is that God, when he/she made this universe established one very simple rule in nature, one which even he/she cannot break and that is balance. Nature consists only of balance; for every bad there good, for every action there is a reaction and for every deed the doer is either rewarded or punished in a way no one can foretell. So even if you do use the various religions to show your devotion to God, he does not look kindly upon you as he cannot do anything to release you from what you are to reap because of your actions. The worst part of this is that Humans know and realise that there is one God but they still keep on squabbling in the name of religion. What happened to the Christians in India is deplorable, Hindu terrorism is stupidity by some fanatical leaders who can’t see beyond their nose and Jihad carried out by Islamic terrorists is nothing but madness. This kind of incessant squabbling does nothing but prove how stupid humans are and prove that our mental capacities can go beyond madness into a realm not discovered yet.

Terrorism is nothing but a mutated strain of the religion virus where the diseased have been afflicted by a madness unheard of as yet. A madness which brainwashes them into believing that there is only one way of life in this multi-faceted universe. Will they just stop at humans and go beyond into terrorising animals too? Who knows if this madness will end.

Such terrorism initially begins with religion when a person becomes so blind that he cannot see that other people are worshipping the same God he does but in a form which is different than his. He thinks that any person who doesn’t think in the way he does should be eliminated. The terrorists think that that inflicting fear will get them somewhere; on the contrary it will only strengthen people’s resolve into fighting till they die. Unfortunately these terrorists can see even less than the aforementioned leaders of Hindu terrorism which is in its early stages of this disease.

A common bully is usually a coward who thinks he can fear people into respecting him but shies away when he sees resistance. Terrorists are such bullies except they don’t fear resistance. They only have one answer to every problem: Violence and killings. They have become so blind and so diseased that they see violence as the only way and have reached a stage where it is incurable.

You are going to say that now these terrorism attacks are beyond religion. Yes now it has reached a stage which goes beyond religion. It now concerns objectives which include revenge (1 cause is: the tragedy which occurred during the partition of India), getting their way where all else fails (ISI’s thinking of getting Kashmir), disagreements on moot points (disagreement with U.S. foreign policy favouring Israel – 9/11 attacks [see WIKI 9/11]) et al. So you can see that terrorists are beyond madness. They do not even see their religion as it should be seen. You still don’t believe me?

Bin Laden’s "Letter to America", October 2002: "you are the worst civilization witnessed by the history of mankind: You are the nation who, rather than ruling by the Shariah of Allah in its Constitution and Laws, choose to invent your own laws as you will and desire. You separate religion from your policies, contradicting the pure nature which affirms Absolute Authority to the Lord and your Creator."

If this doesn’t convince you then nothing will.

Like any other bully the main aim of terrorists is to strike fear and grief into the hearts of people. As we have seen from the Mumbai events, they succeeded in doing this. People lost whole families in the event and many loved ones. While it has been tragic, heartbreaking and so sad that no words can describe it, we should realise that we are in fact helping the terrorists reach their aim. If we grieve their deaths we are fulfilling the terrorist’s aims. Yes, we are filled with unimaginable grief that we will not see our loved ones again, but we should now resolve not to grieve for the people who have died and will die in terrorist attacks. We should celebrate their deaths that they have become Shahid and Martyrs in the war against terrorism. We call the commandos and the policemen who fought terrorists Martyrs; I call every one of the 160 odd people who died a martyr. They died in a noble cause. They died fighting terrorism even though they did not put up a resistance. They were prisoners of war and are war heroes.

>>I salute everyone who has died in terrorist attacks and everyone who has fought to save the people caught in such acts of senseless human waste and violence.

>>Terrorists I call on you to take a moment to look at the destruction you have caused and realise the utter waste of it all, while your planning capabilities could have been used in other ways to make humans more humane.

"Violence begets violence and hurts the soul of the victimizer as well as the victim."

--> SJ


Kartz said…
Ah... Religion... I liked the way you put it. But I have one itch - balance. See, I don't think balance exists everywhere. I quote this as a physics enthusiast (a theist, all the same).

Dark matter (better known as dark energy, anti matter, et al) constitutes 94% of the known universe. So... There you go. The biggest God-damn thing is in itself an imbalance.

Dude... Good/Bad are relative terms. See... It is all perception. We call this acts of terror 'bad'. But how does the terrorist feel? Definitely *not* bad.

And yes, what goes around, comes around. That's karma - as you put it. There is a consequence for every action.

"This kind of incessant squabbling does nothing but prove how stupid humans are and prove that our mental capacities can go beyond madness into a realm not discovered yet." - brilliant!

We are supposedly blessed with the ability to think. Yet, we are like the sheep. Easily led and brainwashed. Isn't it funny?

'God helps those who help themselves' is such a clichéd adage today...

Terrorists are made of the same elements that constitute you and I... Just that they have an added streak of brutality and sadism. And see what difference that makes... I liked the analogy you drew between a bully and a terrorist. And what you gave was indeed an excellent definition of terrorism.

True... Terrorism is now a way to exact revenge...

Ah well... Time will tell what's in store for us.

SJ is back with a bang..! Welcome back amigo!
Priya Joyce said…
hmmm yes it can be called a waste for sure...but do ya think these trouble causers wud take tym to think and meditate on what they are doing..??

they surely won't coz' the priority does matter..friend..

ah!..yes...this is an issue of the planet Earth..but India in most badly affected ..ahh!...politics makes it worse..its not just one factor ...its many many...
Richa said…

well i say, i aint an aethist, i blv god is one. n since i come from a hindu family, my grandparents have been successful in instillin the stories in my soul..

religion is not a bad thing, but those who make religion the reson fr their wrong doings are bad. whether muslims goin for jihad, or hindus killin others in the name of religion is bad, i fail to undertsand is they call themselves the protectors of their religions and do not every religion tells tht all humans are brothers and sisters and don not they prohibit killings?

ppl use the name of their religion to fulfil other needs of themselves- may it be power, politics or juz satisfaction the psychos derive from killin others...
Anonymous said…
Very much related is my little analysis of the Mumbai attacks being a part of larger global conspiracy against world peace which we can prevent by predicting moves and publishing them openly on the internet.
Sushant said…
@Priya - Thanks for the comment :)

I know they wont read it for sure.. but we should give them a chance to better their ways before we annihilate them.

Yes, they dont deserve it but we aren't terrorists. We should take the higher ground and give them a chance all the same. If they dont heed it.. well.. too bad for them.
Sushant said…
@Richa - Thanks for the comment :)

good for u.. even i'm a theist :) i believe there is god and only one.. every power which we call god is just a manifestation of the single god in an image in which a human feels most comfortable with.

The people who kill others and say it is for protecting their religion are very short minded people who (i dont understand why) think that the manifestations that other people use for God are different gods. They believe that God can only be worshipped in the image that they believe in.

Surprisingly in the many thousands of years of Hinduism history this is the 1st time that there has been murder committed in the name of Hinduism, which is a very shameful thing. As long as there is even one person following a religion, the religion can not die.

And yes i believe that the Koran says:
"slay the pagans wherever ye find them"


But i believe that this has been grossly misinterpreted.

Yes, sadly people use religion as an excuse to fulfill their own selfish needs, but i'm not surprised, most of humanity are hypocrites.
Sushant said…

1) Balance exists but humans have it inherent in them to see in the short term. Yes the judgement is very slow in the coming, but it is coming. like i said we do not know when it will come.. but it will come all the same and it is in respect to each individual. What may hurt one more might just slightly hurt another.

2) Dark matter - aah the biggest physics question mark. Well i'm not a physicist or an enthusiast of the field. But maybe the 94% is equivalent to the 6% of matter thus perfectly balancing it.

3) Hahaha.. the terrorist would definitely feel good.. but lets say the terrorist is being terrorised.. then what? Will he feel good or bad? i think bad..

4) Agree with u on Karma.

5) Thanks :)

6) Ya this is a kind of paradox.. though we have the higher brain power we seem to be absolutely defenseless and have a very low will power. Maybe its because the higher brain power??

7) Haha.. I wouldn't even call it an adage.. its more like we are trying to comfort ourselves.

Thanx :) I'm glad to be back.
Si_Lee said…
@sushant ..
and what's your final point ?? message rather .. ?

@ kartz ..
u see dear perceptions are fine .. and should be allowed to spread their wings but then there is a limit to everything in nature ..
imbalance ??/ remember as the theory goes .. even chaos has some order to it .. you today question and pass remarks on that you can barely fathom .. that wud make it a misinformed remark ...

@ priya ..
yes thats a very innocent thought that you have there .. if only the world was innocent you would have been it's embodiment ...

@Richa ...
yes thse who use the garb of religion are bad .. but is religion the reason for mumbai attack ??? what's the real issue of LeT ???

@all guys .. stop cribbing about religion .. it has existed ever since man existed .. crusades were due to religion as well .. weren't they ... ? this here is not a doing of religion .. though thats the garb our politicians and media try to cover it under .. There is a vendetta .. and the perpetrators of this vendetta are not being stopped .. that's the issue .. religion or not how does that impact the steps that should have been taken to counter the problem in the first place .. ??? Look beyond the mists .. and you are dealing with maniacs .. and as they say in the movie demolition man .. to catch a crazy man send in a crazier one .. only a different kind of crazy ..
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