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The Discovery of Perry Mason

Friday 7.11.08
I read a comment on this blog in which fellow blogger vedang suggested a fiction character called Perry Mason.
Now, Mystery happens to be my fav genre and i have read innumerable books and authors and never heard or read about Erle Stanley Gardner the creator of this character we are talking about.
But from past month or so I have been hearing a lot about this author.
And to my great surprise when i was browsing through my fav bookstore;s shelves in the afternoon, for the first time in years i saw a huge stack of the Perry Mason's series.
Impulisvely i picked it up, and as of now i have finished reading the case of negligent nymph.
Its been a very very intresting dicovery for me.
I feel, a purpose of creating this blog is now being accomplished atleast for me.
Just few weeks ago, i bought and read, the count of Monte Cristo as i had read about it, on this blog.
Aneesh had written a very encouraging about the book, and although i dont enjoy reading classics much, I tried it and it was a good experience.
And now, thanks to Vedang and Akansha [who at first mentioned Perry Mason] I found one more very important aspect of crime novels.
The voting on this blog cleary suggests that few months along the line this blog will have to be shut down, but somehow i am glad some knowledge has indeed been gained.
Afterall that was my purpose


Akansha Agrawal said…
Glad to see you've found something you can enjoy :)
Vedang said…
good to be of help
nil said…
Hey! Really good to see that poeple actually are using blogging as a good way of spreading their views about books <3.
Thanks man, Now I got a good author in my *to-read* list :)

Keep visiting,and keep blogging :)
Cheers !!

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