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The God of small things

"The God of small things" by Arundhati Roy - winner of the Booker prize of 1997 is a sad tale narrated hilariously.

The story is woven around a pair of twins Estha and Rahel and their divorced mother who live with their maternal grandparents in the town of Ayemenem. It starts with them being 31 years of age and narrates different phases of their lives as kids, as grown ups, but basically deals with the tragedies they had to face during their childhood at the age of 7.

Since the twins are aged 7, their conversation, their thoughts are funny for an adult, but they are witty and mature for the children of their age. It depicts how the tragedies that happened during their childhood have impacted their adulthood and made them complete strangers to each other because of their separation at that time..

The relevance of the title- "The God of small things" is the person who is the centre of the tragedy and who the twins and their mother love to death.

It is a sad tale, doesn't have a happy ending so I dint Love the book. But it is worth a read.

My Rating- **** n half.


arte said…
this is one of my favorite books ever. the sense of humor implied is different and some of the phrases like love in Tokyo head bands n orangejuicelemonjuice man etc r quite funny. since its narrated in a hilarious way, we expect the book to have a happy ending. i guess tatz where the author got us.

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