Starting it up!!

Well, since this is the first post of the blog, I thought of starting it up with a starter only. Its healthy, delicious and jhatpat too. Here I present my very well popular and yumm..

Winter Delight Veggie Stew

Serves 2
1 cup cabbage (finely shred);
1 capsicum (finely shred);
2-4 french beans (shred);
2-4 mushrooms(finely chopped, stem removed) - optional;
2 cups water;
2 teaspoons cornflour;
1 tspoon butter;
1 tspoon ginger garlic paste;
Salt to taste;
Black pepper to taste;
few drops of soy sauce;
a little chili to taste;
coriander leaves for garnishing

Method:1. Take a pan, melt the butter and saute the ginger garlic paste for few seconds.
2. Add mushrooms, saute till brown
3. Add the veggies, saute for less than a minute
4. Add water
5. Dissolve the cornflour in cold water and add it to the pan
6. Now add salt and pepper and bring the water to boil.
7. Add the soy sauce and the chili sauce and put the flame off.
8. Garnishing with coriander leaves and shred cheese suggested.

>>The veggie stew is ready to be served.


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