The Great Indian Elections

The Elections in India are round the corner. The verdict can be a sad one for our democracy if the smaller, regional parties win large amount of seats, like it is expected.
I will be writing in detailed posts for the next one month if time and space here permits me to do so.
Also, I would like to appeal to all of you, to contribute regarding elections, and the process of elections and politics happening around the world.

What better idea to kick start a special awareness campaign on politics then with this website


The guys at this site, tell us about criminal backgrounds of our elected representatives so as to prevent criminalization of politics as much as possible.
These things apart, my personal opinion on this site is the educational info they are handing about on all Member of Parliaments of the previous Lok Sabha is an awesome idea.
I never knew that even in those days, Vajpayee studied M.A. political science. I mean i find such data fascinating.

Coming back to their real theme, these people also have some sort of SMS service so that data on your M.P. gets straight into your mobile in box.

A great effort, Please do check out this website. And write in here your views on it

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