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Ragging - Can’t be eradicated??

Last week a life has been lost due to the thugs in the name of students. The reason behind it is ragging, a culture which is being followed in many a colleges by the senior students. Its happening everywhere in this country. But it seems like, it has been happening more in engineering and medical colleges. That’s how it is getting interpreted. You all may have known the medical college student died due to ragging. But what could have been missed from your notice is suicide attempt of a girl due to ragging in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. It will be shocking to hear what has been done to her. Her seniors forced her to dance in nude in front of them. She is an agricultural engineering student. And well, you must have known now, how evil the minds of an engineering or medical student.

It is said to be that, ragging is a kind of culture which helps to build a good relationship between junior and senior students. There are some fun things which will build some great rapport between them. But what’s happening now or you can take some last 20 years, it is going overboard. It involves physical torture, getting money from the juniors and other things that can’t be said. Those who are the seniors in the college (not all) will think themselves as the king of the college and wants the juniors to do all kind of respects to them. I can say this is an f#@$%ing practice and it has done enough damage. Even I had great rapo with my juniors. But I never ragged them. All you have to do is, talk with them like your bro.

Whatever we have got in newspaper is very little. I believe that with everybody of you went through the college; you would have bitter experiences about this. When I read that the medical college student was died after beating, it didn’t surprise me. Because, it happened in my college. The seniors (be it my set students or the previous years) used to beat the juniors continuously during nights. I don’t know what is the kind of happiness they are getting out of this? They are thinking that beating juniors is their birth right. I don’t think they are eligible to study or anything. How a person who doesn’t know how to respect another can claim himself an educated person? This is a crime which goes unnoticed and the offenders were left unpunished. The main thing here is that, the students who were going through the ragging will be under enormous stress, which may lead him/her to take adverse decisions.


The college authorities can easily kill this practice. But they didn’t take enough steps to stop this. I don’t know why. If a student gets beaten and complaining it to them, without taking action against those miscreants they are letting it go. This acts as a stimulant for those thugs and will beat those who complained against them. If a person is physically assaulted means it can be complained to police. But these colleges to keep up their reputations don’t moves there and not punishing the misbehavers. Now all it took is a loss of a precious life to look into this one seriously. If they could have done this previously means this wouldn’t have happened. If a student was killed just by beating itself, just see the intensity of it. Now the college president has resigned. Who wants his resignation? Will it bring back that young man?


Parents are also reluctant in these issues. In both the cases, the students have told about this to their parents but they didn’t take that seriously. They believe that everything will be fine and college will take care of their son/daughter. If at all they have shown more concern about this means, this could have been stopped. They have missed the time to act and they are suffering now.

Why engineering and medical colleges:

The reason why it is seems to be prominent in medical and engineering colleges is, the news were coming out from there. The reasons could be:

  • As most of the engineering and medical are brilliant brains; they can’t cope up with those physical tortures and they are also not ready to voice out their concerns.

  • Being an engineering or medical student, they have to stay in hostel which makes them vulnerable to this.

  • The arts colleges are mostly for half a day, so there are more escape routes for them from seniors.

In my thought, the person who is indulging in ragging is a criminal and if it is proved means he/she must be removed from the college and shouldn’t be allowed to study anywhere in the country. They must also get the appropriate jail term. Only with the harder punishments evil practices will reduce. This culture can be removed from the culture books of college. It is not something like corruption which can’t be stopped at a go. If every related authority, puts their heart and work means this evil practice can be removed tomorrow itself. Is there anybody disagree with me??


Das said…
u r right. Who is 2 bell the cat. Laws r in place, but who cares. Opinion u expressed is justified but who will jump the gun? When we overcome this another method/ways will find its way 2 replace them. 2 eradicate this evil, the basic foundation must be laid at home and in schools. Let's pray 4 better sense 2 prevail.
Si_Lee said…
Well .. nthing u said there is contested .. just to add as to why engg. . and med colleges top the list .. it's simply because they are that large in number .. when compared with other streams ..

bak in my college or even when i was a senior .. i did believe ragging was a gud way to build a rapport with juniors .. but then the max we would go to was being a lil stern .. no assault was made physical or mental .. but i guess it it is the case of the line being very thin .. many loose track of where the line is and indulge in what is only attempt to murder if not murder .. so yeah i guess why leave something volatile out there .. take it out completely ...
Tushar Mangl said…
I remember here, a senior, who never used to talk to us very nicely and was at times bit rude.
Since he never harmed us much, we too never bothered about him, except tht we were ofcourse scared of him.
Then some one told me, about how his seniors used to beat him up for full nights altogether and how he still carried the scars of those nights.

I really started respecting that man from then on. He was never friendly with us, because he thought we were too damm lucky then we deserved to be. But on the other hand, he never was a beast to us, maybe because he understood the pain.
One has to end this evil practice some time, I say and not resort to the old saying that since our seniors ragged us, the baton has to pass on to us as well.
Vyazz said…
Its not just India where ragging is commonplace. Its common wherever Indians are around. When we arrived in St.Petersburg, six years ago we were ragged to bits by my wonderful countrymen.
I have started to despise the Indian mentality, frankly its just going from bad to worse.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
I remember being ragged too. Our class was ragged every day for a month. When it got too much I went home crying. My dad is IG with the police so he decided to go see my HOD who is friends with my dad. He decided to suspended my senior for a while. Everyone was really pissed at me but I did not care because he really misbehaved with me.

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