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How to vote - User manuel

This is not the user Manuel for how to vote in electronic voting machine. As a result of poor voting sense, now we are privileged to have criminals, corrupt, comedians and lunatics as our honourable members of Parliament and assemblies. I have been to the parliament once and I helplessly witnessed how the honourable members wasted people’s money and time shouting for unreasonable cause amidst speaker's feeble voice in front of foreign guests. I felt deeply concerned and for a moment, I thought those terrorists who attempted to strike parliament long before should have been let in to take on some of our diplomatic terrorists.

I am not worried about the low polling in India at all when dignified personalities across the country trying to create awareness terming it as social welfare activity. What if they vote for wrong person? I think everyone would agree to quality is important than quantity. So gentlemen, I decided to give a user Manuel to people of democraticIndia on how to vote.

  • Never vote for parties instead vote for individuals. This would help parties to hold right individuals in due course.
  • Do not vote for candidates with corrupt or criminal background.
  • Do not vote for religion or caste based parties even though they post right candidates. (It would spoil the national integrity).
  • Do not vote for candidates without basic political knowledge.
  • Do not vote if they give money. (you should realize this is an investment)
  • For candidates who were already on power,
    • Do not vote them had they had poor attendance in assembly.
    • Do not vote them if your review on their previous promises are not satisfactory.
    • Do not vote them had they not actively participated in assembly.
    • Do not vote them if their answers for any criminal or corruption charges while in power was not satisfactory.

You can help me in extending this. Don’t say this is a piece of work already looks like a propaganda for 49 'O'.

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